View Full Version : 2.4 Monster Truck

2008.08.23, 12:12 PM
Has anybody done a 2.4 conversion for the Monster truck? Is it a direct install or does it require modifications? What modifications will it require if any? Anybody?

2008.08.23, 03:18 PM
You would have to extend the servo wires at least...

2008.08.23, 03:35 PM
That's it? That's not too bad.

2008.08.23, 05:56 PM
you could ask nic-z iam sure i saw something on the monster thread saying he had done it to his monster or overland

2008.08.24, 02:57 PM
Thank's but do not see any photo's of the wiring or anything. I wonder how many mm's or inches I need to extand the wires. I'm thinking one of two things. If I get my truck this week, should I take out the 2.4 board from my un-tuned MR02 chassis and modify that for the truck, or spend the money on tuning my MR02 for this coming weekends race. We also do race the monster truck in our club and it would be nice to have a glitch free monster.

2008.08.24, 05:12 PM
I would have thought the easiest way would be to take out the stock mzm board and then copy the wire lengths from that over to the 2.4 board.

2008.08.30, 11:37 PM
three things u need to do

1) swap the black n red wire of the servo motor, either on the pcb side or the motor side
2) extend the five servo wires
3) open a hole on the pcb cover for the ICS port