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2002.05.29, 04:47 PM

I have just fitted my NML Ultimate drag racing motor into my Twin-Turbo Mini-Z Racer to have a little insane speed run or two..

I decided to run the motor before placing the Mini-Z on the road surface.
When I hit the gas, the car vibrated like mad, then I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
The rear wheels were turning so fast, the tyres were actually stretching and lifting off the rear rims.
These were hard compound tyres on alloy TopCAD wide rear CLK type rims.

Impressive huh?

I was running a 9T pinion and was using NiCad batteries, as NiMh's just dont have the grunt to make the Ultimate run.

FYI the NML Ultimate is a short run drag racing motor.
It needs decent NiCad's to run too.
Also there are No More Left so don't go mailing poor NML for any.

Mini Z GT
2002.05.29, 08:23 PM
Heh when i read this i was full of joy but hearing that there are non left kinda made me sad. But man that motor must really kick some serious ASS.

2002.05.30, 06:15 PM
okay, stop bragging... :o

2002.05.31, 02:31 AM
Thats all good, but did you actually run the car on the ground?

Just incase you didn't know thats when they work there best.:p

Does your digi cam take short avi's or mpeg's? I would love to see it!

2002.05.31, 07:28 AM

I'll consider that.
Yes, I ran it on the floor and obviously the same thing doesnt happen
It does fly though. Pity it isn't good for long races, as it gets hot.