View Full Version : What s the best stock motor for my new 2.4

2008.08.23, 05:45 PM
i just bought a new mr-02 2.4 and i wander what s the best motor for the stock fets ATM vs PN ????

2008.08.23, 08:14 PM
Best? Doesn't exist. The ATM Stock R is pretty nice though.

With punchy batteries (Intellect or Team Orion) and proper gearing the PN Stock 70t is no slouch either.

2008.08.24, 02:26 AM
pn stock 70 turn motor hands down.

2008.08.24, 10:26 AM
most definitaly pn70t :D

2008.08.29, 03:53 PM
what about the Atomic Ball Bearing Stock Motor compare to the pn 70

2008.08.29, 04:51 PM
The Atomic Ball Bearing stock motor (there are really 2 of them, one has a yellow sticker other orange).

The yellow one has a lot of low end torque, one of the highest out of any motor I have tried, and is a little difficult to work the infield because of it.

The orange one is a little faster than the PN 70t, but not as smooth. That was the handout motor at the Atomic regional. A few people burnt their boards with them, I didnt have a problem personally.

I think that the PN 70t is the best choice for someone new to the Mini-Z. Even people that have been around for a while. Its not the fastest, but it is great in the infield. The PN Speedy 07BB would be my second choice followed by the PN FS. I like smooth motors with a lot of roll. Atomic motors typically have more torque and are harder to handle.

2008.09.01, 10:49 AM
I try the pn 70 turn and im very surprise of how smooth it is !

It really worth the 8 bucks thank to pn for good stuff at low price

i should receive the atm stock bearing motor (yellow) this week and ill tell you more on this one

2008.09.01, 05:49 PM
When geared well, the PN 70 really surprised me. I was very close to the pace set by the Atomic Stock (yellow) and Speedy 07. Plus it was very smooth in the infield. The one thing that it lacks is the torque. Which makes it easier to set up the car with. I am still trying to adjust my driving style to it, but I really like it... especially in my 015.

2008.09.22, 06:08 PM
i've been trying the pn and the atm bearing stock yellow for about 2 weeks

and i trully prefer the pn motor it is smoother and easiest to set up
even if i think that the pn is slower in max speed i got better lap time on my track
the high torque of the atm make it hard to handle on my concrete track and it result in much lower lap time

i'm not very experienced with Z but i ll go with the Pn for a while

QUESTION is it true that the stock 2.4mgz board = 2x2 fets stack

2008.10.01, 08:11 PM
Yes the 2.4 Ghz boards have 2x2 3010 fets. I think one pair on top and the other on the bottom.

About the motors, I am running the Atm Stock R in both my 2.4 Ghz MR-02 and AWD and am very happy. Haven't tried the PN 70t yet.