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2008.08.24, 06:09 PM
My OL currently has a pajero rally body,but it's crap to drive it just rolls over all the time.Whats a more stable driving body(as opposed to crawling)? and what other parts do i need to change? Is it just new shock towers and changing the under linkage point? Also how do i know which shock mounts fit which bodys?

2008.08.24, 08:43 PM
it might tell you when you get an overland autoscale but just mock it up to find the length i have a land cruiser and it is pretty stable but your best bet to making it more stable is putting on wider tires

2008.08.25, 12:24 PM
there should be two sets of shock mounts. i have the hummer h1 asc and it needs the longest mounts front and rear same for the h2 . the g55 use long front and short rear it all depends on the asc you are going to use. if you buy the alloy rear you will need some spacers to make it shorter as they only give you two long plastic spacers

2008.08.25, 12:39 PM
not if its second hand:p jayce ill spruce the f150 up at some point and you can try that, ive got a set of long mounts somewhere too i think

2008.08.25, 02:49 PM
Good point,will deffo NOT be buying new asc's for the overland.Thanks Lee i'll give it a try and see if it improves the handling.If not it'll be going in the FS section!

2008.08.25, 02:54 PM
ok i need to fix it up first tho, it looks pants:eek:

2008.08.25, 02:55 PM
As long as it's in 1 piece mate,i can take care of the paintscheme ;)