View Full Version : anyone got any servo wires?

2008.08.24, 06:13 PM
hi guys, my overland steering still isnt working, i got an atm pot from egr but it still doesnt work:mad: really peed off, thought it was the pot and ive spent forever assuming that, now it most likely isnt im thinking pot wires are messed up, wanted to ask if anyone has any of the wire spare, or the same gauge, that i could buy off them next meet, just want to see really if i need a new board:(

2008.08.25, 11:24 AM
I've got some that are just the trick.

2008.08.25, 12:22 PM
cheers tom, how much you want for them?

2008.08.25, 12:34 PM
I use IDE wires from computers... Works very well, and one IDE cable will supply MANY cars.

2008.08.25, 01:26 PM
ive heard pc wires work, but i dont have any around and i dont wana go pulling them off my laptop :o

2008.08.26, 04:15 AM
That's what I have and you can have them. I have reams of them!

2008.08.26, 04:00 PM
thanks, u can have a go with the traxxas:D

2008.08.27, 03:32 AM
You got it then?

2008.08.27, 06:02 AM
its in the spare room in its box but im not allowed to open it till my b'day next monday:(