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2008.08.26, 09:11 PM

2008.08.26, 10:04 PM
Are you sure you were using an MR02 shaft, and not an MR01 shaft?

2008.08.26, 10:14 PM
Is this shaft the same length as the original shaft that was in the diff?

2008.08.26, 11:40 PM
They should be the same length from end to end. Was this the outer tune diff or the standard style. I havent used the 3Racing shafts.

Do you have any other differentials or shafts to compare it to?

2008.08.27, 12:22 AM
Check to see if the adjustment nut is hitting the motormount. It could be that the shaft is meant for an adjustment nut that is narrower than the one you are using... I usually try to stay with the same company that makes the diff when I upgrade the shaft. I have used the Atomic shaft many times with the Kyosho diffs without problems, but never tried it with the PN diff...

2008.08.27, 12:23 AM
If I'm not mistaken, MK2kompressor said that the TGR's rear axle bearing spacing adds 2mm offset automatically. I.e. you need a shaft that's at least 4mm longer than stock. The F1 and LM diff shafts (6mm and 5mm longer than 02 shaft, respectively) could work, but you will most likely need some spacers to keep everything even.

2008.08.27, 02:31 AM
the only way round it is to use 2 awd hub bearings that are .8mm narrower than 02 axle bearings(or if you have gen1 xmod bearings these are the same as the awd bearings)
you wont be able to get the locknut on with a normal diff

2008.08.27, 05:49 PM
Good tips on the LM shaft and the AWD bearings guys. I've used AWD bearings before to get my axle spacing just right on a LM conversion.

On a side note, the 3Racing titanium shaft is quite possibly the sexiest peice of metal I've got on my car. That thing is very well finished and super light...