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Zac R
2002.05.29, 08:58 PM
Hey I like this site its my favorite one I know of!

Ken Mifune
2002.05.29, 09:35 PM
Hey, I favor this site. It's like the one I know of.

2002.06.05, 10:32 PM
you guys do have a really good site. if only i could spend this much time on my homework.:p

2002.06.05, 10:56 PM
home work is for suckers

i took a final last quarter in physics, never studied, barely went to class final took me 12 minutes and i got a 99% in the class, took one tonight in sociology went a total of 5 out of 12 times to class, 11 minutes to do the final and got a 100% on it, so another 99% and the funny part is i never did homework.

There for homework is for suckers!

2002.06.06, 10:00 AM
Yup, couldn't agree more this IS THE BEST site for Mini-Z.

2002.06.07, 05:07 PM
Thanks guys! :D :D :D

2002.06.07, 10:56 PM
well i guess this site is alright, only if you like kick ass forums with kick ass members and a kick ass shop with kick ass parts and kick ass service...... like i said, its alright, but just barely. lol :D :D :D