View Full Version : Tower bar set?

2008.08.28, 03:42 PM
Are any of you running the PN front tower bar set like in this picture?


I really like the "bling" of it but was wondering if it made any real difference?

2008.08.28, 03:47 PM
the standard one is really just the same as stock only stronger, you can get the caster version of the top to add .5 and 1 degrees to the setup.

you can also just use the caster plates and not get the bottom kingpin holder.

2008.08.29, 06:28 AM
Hank has ran them on a few cars.
I have never broke a chasis so I never picked one up.

2008.08.29, 01:44 PM
I've been running PN bars on all my cars not because I can tell the difference but because I don't want to break one during a race :).

I did however bought a new chassis after running the PN regionals and tested the PN bars vs stock. Guess what? I can't tell the difference in performance but I did notice I get more wheel hops with stock plastic.