View Full Version : HFAY S6 Event 2 at DOW, 8/31...

2008.08.28, 03:52 PM
We will be running Event 2 this Sunday. We are running both F1 and Racer classes so get there early, and if you are running late give me a call!

I'm also here if you guys want to test and tune tonight so feel free to stop on by!

2008.08.28, 09:25 PM
Ill be there. What time you opening up?

2008.08.28, 11:57 PM
10:30am is fine... we'll probably get to the actual races around 1pm.

2008.08.30, 06:52 PM
I'm going to use one of my no shows this weekend.. I'm still getting settled at school and I've had absolutely no time to work on anything. I should be in the clear barring other things.

Ed, form is getting mailed monday for regionals.

2008.08.31, 01:55 AM
Understandable... education, priority #1!

See you on the 13th! I'm not sure what you're doing as far as accomodations that weekend, but you might want to give Quinny a call to pair up with him possibly.