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2008.08.30, 09:52 PM
I have looked thru the manual for instructions on servo wiring. I do not know what the green wire coming from the board does or goes. I want to use my spektrum 575 servo but it only has the pos/neg/sig wires. Where can I look for this? I want to order the chassis when I feel comfortable about all of the electronics. I should have mentioned that I would like to start out with the stock board for now. Thanks in advance.

2008.08.31, 01:14 AM
What electronics are you planning to use?

If you are going to use Mini-Z PCB, then you have to use just the case, motor, gears and pot of the servo. The Mini-Z PCB has the servo electronics built in, so you cannot use the electronics that are in the servo case. Its not difficult to setup the servo. You just have to solder the red/black wires to the motor, and the orange/green wires to the pot. Follow the same orientation as it was with the Mini-Z motor/pot.

If steering is reversed, and your TX doesnt have the ability to reverse channel. Swap the green wire with the orance, and the red with the black. If the servo just pulls to one direction, try swapping the motor wires and see if that corrects it. If not, swap the pot wires. I got mine right on the 2nd attempt. I used an HS55 servo for an Xmod build a couple years back.

Honestly, it is easier to use electronics that you can just put in a plug in. Thats what I am going to do with my MRCG. Spektrum SR3500 RX, with either Tekin B1R or Xray 180 esc. I think that using the Mini-Z electronics are great for people that already have the electronics in an old car that they can pull and use for a project. There are also pretty cheap FM receivers out there... which would be much better than the AM Mini-Z electronics.

2008.09.02, 05:57 PM
The reason I was asking is because I was looking at a picture of the car with what looked like the mini z pcb and a regular servo.

What about using the brushless xcelerion 1/36 motor and speed control with the spektrum reciever and servo? I could wire two of the lipo packs in parallel for a long run time.

2008.09.02, 11:01 PM
I think the iwaver 02m chassis would be the choice for doing it. It already comes with a micro-servo that can be upgraded just pluging a new one. Try to take a look at it.

2008.09.02, 11:23 PM
You can use a regular 3 pin servo if you are going to use the Spektrum receiver and X-celeron brushless motor/esc. You would have to modify the motormount to use the x-celeron brushless motor though...

2008.09.05, 10:45 PM
EMU, do you thing the micro-t X-celeron brushless motor is enought to make a powerfull mini-z?

2008.09.06, 12:32 AM
Ive never used the X-Celeron, but my guess is that it wont be any more powerful than the 130 brushed motors we are currently using in the Mini-Z. I would like to try one, sometime... There are other options for motors that are larger, search the forums here... a member has made a brushless MR02 before and had good results.

2009.01.31, 01:54 AM
I am building up my MRCG with a new 2.4 board and a Futaba servo. I removed the board from inside the servo and wired the Futaba pot and motor to the 2.4 board, same wiring configuration as the Kyosho servo. Unfortunately when I powered it up, the servo motor just spins in each direction when the transmitter wheel is steered. I could get it to center by adjusting trim but as soon as the wheel is turned it just shoots to the end stop and won't return. I rewired the standard Kyosho servo to the board and same thing, it just goes to the end stop when the wheel is turned. The radio is paired with two other 2.4 cars and they work fine with the same radio settings. Suggestions? Hope I didn't somehow fry the servo controls on the board!

2009.01.31, 02:56 AM
Try flipping the wires to the servo motor. I have had servos that do that, the pot reads the signal, the board sends power to the servo motor but never gets the correct pot reading it expects, so it just keeps sending power and you get the servo locked to one side.

If none of the wiring combinations work then try a new servo, I know PN got a few faulty servos when trying to put together an MRCG demo car.

2009.02.02, 04:46 AM
Servo and board are happy now, thanks Brian.

2009.02.02, 04:54 AM
Cool, glad it helped!

2009.02.16, 11:32 PM
I wired my new 2.4 board up to a spectrum micro servo the same way the kyosho servo is wired. The servo rotated in one direction until lock and then stopped responding. I have tried swapping motor wires and pot wires with no luck. Is it possible that I fried the board or servo?

2009.02.16, 11:50 PM
It may be that the Spektrum servo's pot is extremely far off from the values the Mini-Z board is looking for, therefore will not work no matter what you try with it. I don't think you fried your servo, but assuming you did everything right and it's not fried, then the servo is just inherently not compatible with the ASF board. Nothing I can do about that. :(

With the ASF board I highly recommend the Futaba S3113 or S3114, and to a lesser extent the Hitec HS-50 (difficult to solder to). These I've tested to work and respond well, and provide enough space to allow you to run the MRCG in 94MM config.

2009.03.04, 10:49 PM
I have gone thru 3 of the spektrum 575 servos. no luck so far. I will try a s3113 or s3114 futaba servo soon. Could you post a picture of the wiring that you have had sucess with?

On a different note, I need a new motor mount in orange. Should I try PN racing first?

2009.03.05, 02:49 AM

Here's my S3113 servo, still in the car. The servo motor is on the right side foreground, and the pot is behind it, on the left. Wire colors correspond to factory ASF board wire colors, so:

Motor: Top is red, Bottom black
Pot: Top is orange, Middle is white, Bottom is green

Hope that helps when you try it out. I can't guarantee it'll work the same way for the S3114 but the S3114 definitely works, a couple GSR drivers are using them. ;)

Regarding getting a new motor mount, you should contact PN about it as he's got the stock of parts and I don't. :o Good luck!

2009.03.06, 03:06 PM
Thanks.........!!!!!! This will help alot of guys. I will check with Phillip regarding spares. I do not reccomend using blue locktite on the screws used to mount the motor mount to the chassis!!

2009.03.06, 06:18 PM
Regarding that loctite: I've heard that you're supposed to use a really small amount on the screw and just let it dry before threading the screw in. But I don't know for sure, to be honest most of the time I just use Testor's model cement as threadlock. It comes off after a few repeated disassembly/assemblies, but it works. :o