View Full Version : Happy Birthday U16 HFAY Champion!

2008.08.31, 06:05 PM
Happy birthday Lee,have fun and get lots of goodies!

2008.08.31, 06:09 PM
thanks:D ill get pics of the new r/c when im allowed to open it in the morning:rolleyes:

2008.08.31, 06:12 PM
happy b day lee:)

2008.08.31, 06:13 PM
cheers mate:)

2008.08.31, 08:23 PM
Happy birthday Champ!!! have a good un

2008.09.01, 03:24 AM
thanks:) heres a pic of my new truck, i just drove it and its absloutly nuts, goes about the same speed as a stock z but its sweet, can see it chewing the lawn up in time too:rolleyes:
also got tickets to go and see pendulum in november from my dad:D

2008.09.01, 01:06 PM
Like i said on msn, happy bday, hopefully we can meet up and have a Slash Bash :D.

Speak soon, Chris

2008.09.01, 02:45 PM
sweet thanks, ive got some pics, i got it covered in wet grass and just hosed it off, and i was driving it through ankle deep puddles with water going everywhere:D been a great day hehe:D

2008.09.07, 12:14 PM
Happy Belated birthday Lee! I've just got back from Wales... What a dull week! Hope yours was better, with your new toy!

2008.09.07, 01:57 PM
thanks! was ok, went back to school on thursday so ent been great but ive been driving it everyday and im getting another battery for it soon so i can drive it more:)