View Full Version : Sunday 14th September Race Meeting

2008.09.01, 02:26 PM
Date and venue booked

Wildwood Community Centre
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

From 1300hrs until 2200hrs

8.00/ racer..... newcomers free

Racing F1 & Min z/Iwaver/Xmods

HFAY (F1 & Racer series) in the afternoon, large track in the evening for club championship.

Bring your own food & drink. Kitchen facilities available. Georgie Forman will be in attendance as normal. A supermarket is located next door (Sunday opening hours)

2008.09.01, 02:31 PM
Yes! a proper kitchen and coffee too WD Bri:D i'll be bringing the burgers n saus again.

2008.09.07, 12:15 PM
Lovely jubberly! I'll get the site updated ASAP!

2008.09.12, 06:25 PM
Has anyone got any spare rear F1 springs? The narrow ones for the back of the chassis.I'll pay for them if anyone has some.

2008.09.13, 11:39 AM
Not sure Jayce mate, but if i do your welcome to them, remind me tomorrow and i'll have a look!

I'll bring the baps as usual!

2008.09.15, 08:12 AM
Good day yesterday everyone, really enjoyed it and i'am going to have some fun with my new overlander!!
One thing that i have to say did annoy me though (sorry if i ruffle a few feathers with this one) is that everyone just took off when racing finished :confused: i know everyone has things to do, but i'm sorry to say so do i, and everyone else in the club.
The up sides to attending these races is we all get to run our cars and have fun, the down sides to these races is setting the track up and taking it down, and putting it away.
The biggest part of our race days is being part of our own little community, and that means working together to assemble and dissasemble the track.
It took me, Tom, Tony and Brian till 10:30pm to pack up and leave, where you were all gone by 9:30pm, had you all helped we would all have been gone by 10pm.
Sorry if you dont like me saying it, but it needs saying.

2008.09.15, 08:18 AM
Well i have to say......i ALWAYS help set the track up first thing and usually help pack it away too,but i also notice it's the same people each meet that do this and as i have an almost 2 hour drive home ahead of me,don't see why i should do it every meet when some people NEVER do it.
I enjoyed the day tho:) although i never enjoyed both my cars un-pairing themselves all day:( I'm hoping it was down to low TX batts.

2008.09.15, 11:07 AM
good days racing guys, i beat superman too:D
mal about the packing up at the end, i was supposed to be gone by 9 last night sorry, ill try and help more with the track next time tho.

2008.09.15, 11:32 AM
Yeah, it would be nice to get out early. I had a very early start today with being back at university and was shattered at the end of last night. I think, with the exception of Bri, we've all had our moments where we don't put track away or set it up. Myself included - and Jayce and Mal - I remember times ;) lol. However, one or two people don't make a massive difference but when everyone goes its just killer on those left.

We all pay the same fee's - no one gets any more or any less for helping set up and put away track, so it's nice to get help. It's not like we're running it for you (you being everyone) so why don't we all just chip in. Even if it's only a bit - it all makes a difference.

On a better note:

Yesterday's piccies:

My favorites this month:


And club championship results:

Matt has gone up a place. No one else has moved.

Race results here:

I've also added Shaun to the members page and updated your info Jayce.

I need to add Sarah to the members page too but can't find a clear, facing forward picture yet.

If anyone has updates to their profile page, let me know ASAP and I'll get them started.

2008.09.15, 12:34 PM
yeah iam the same as jayce with a 2hr drive back just rushing back to work before the pubs shut:( but i will try and hang on for abit not sure whichway brian stacks the tiles but i can atleast take them apart:D only fair to help with the track as ive used it:) anyway another great meeting with you guys as useal loads of track time:D the burgers were ace sarah look forward to doing it again next month:D

2008.09.15, 01:25 PM
Tom,only the first 13 pics show the rest are little x's

2008.09.15, 05:31 PM
Cheers. It's sorted now. I copied the file and forgot to erase the left overs.

2008.09.16, 05:18 AM
Yeah, sorry for dissapearing early-ish, quite right for having a go, I'm normally the same at the Stoke club on a tuesday, with slightly more heavy duty setting up and tidying away. Trying not to swear here, but some of the lazy fookers (can I say that?) up there wait outside while the track is setup, and then bugger off as soon as they've marshalled they're race. I can't do a lot of the heavy stuff 'cos of my diabetes, but I do help, and there's even the odd few little kids that help, and it really annoys me that the afformentioned people don't.

Me and Sam normally stay to help but he'd been home all day ill without food. He soon made me pay for that by getting food from one of the most expensive take-aways in Stafford, the little git!

2008.09.16, 03:28 PM
Hey Tom,where's the link to the vid? Our prize providers(among MANY others)lol want to see it!

2008.09.16, 04:12 PM
I'm really busy with being back at uni. Also - the footage ent that great man.

2008.09.16, 04:21 PM
Thats a real shame,i missed the race myself as i was cooking our brekkies! Didn't Mal film it too?

2008.09.17, 03:23 AM
I can knock something up at the weekend if I try. It wont be epic though. :p

2008.09.17, 08:31 AM
Nahh, i didn't bother in the end as i though 2 vids of the same race wasn't worth it. :rolleyes: