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Tim Johnson
2008.09.02, 03:49 PM
HobbyTown USA
6500 SW Archer Rd. - H
Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone: (352) 377-0077

Mini-Z'ers in the Gainesville area, please show you support for this new track. Stop by the hobby shop, bring your cars, run a few laps. :)

Tim Johnson
2008.09.29, 11:39 AM
Anyone check out this track yet?

2008.09.30, 12:21 AM
Anyone check out this track yet?

If anybody on the forum does check it out, try and get some pics of it up. My dad lives in Florida and i plan to take the family out there and it would be cool to bring my Z with;)

2009.02.20, 02:59 PM
I will be in Gainesville on March 12th -15th. I will do my best to check and report.

Tim Johnson
2009.03.11, 12:12 AM
don't for get your mini-z :)

2009.03.18, 06:43 AM
My apologies but I missed getting to the location. I wound up under the weather and missed most of the Gatornationals as well. I did however get a complete and well detailed tour of my Hotel room. I will try to do better next trip.