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2002.05.29, 09:40 PM
Well, I've spent about 2 hours reading this whole motor thread. And still cannot get a strait answer out of you guys when I ask, do you need the turbo with a 21t high speed/torque megatech motor! Also, lots of controversy when it comes to the best prebuilt motor available. The Megatech high torque, high speed, high torque/speed, xspeed. Those are the only ones available here in the U.S. A little clearing up on the speed differences? I don't really want to go looking for an aftermarket motor or anything, like with nml. Just some "easy speed". Thanks guys. Oh and btw, you guys are as hardcore as I am with my 1/10th scale buggys/trucks! Jeeeez, the're just little 1/24th scalers! But if that's what floats your boat, keep up the good work. ;)

2002.05.29, 09:49 PM
Oh, and to all of you who have been complaining about how some motors are better than others, some suck, some are rockets, etc. Well, we 1/10th scalers get a dyno sheet that reads out the torque/rpm/efficency all at different amps. Ahhh we're spoiled! Maybe a good idea for all these hardcore mini-z'ers? Man this stuff is fun, I'm all excited and haven't even gotten my mini yet. :D

2002.05.30, 12:41 AM
WiReD, the Megatech motors in general are a waste of money. They tend to have a high failure rate and don't give much (if any) advantage over the X-Speed. The X-Speed is your best bet, unless you want to go the custom route.

2002.05.30, 12:18 PM
I own the Megatech Hi Speed and Torque motor and unfortunately, I must agree with MiniZ. The Megatechs are just too risky with your MiniZ. A fried $100 ESC is not worth risking for a $20 Megatech.
With the relatively similar prices for the X-Speed, Megatech and Mini-Zracer.com motors, its best to just play it safe and go with the X-Speed or the Mini-Zracer.com motors.
My brother (The Thunderer on this board) owns the Mini-Zracer.com mod motor and he swears by it!
FYI MiniZ - I referred my brother, The Thunderer to this board!

2002.05.30, 02:14 PM
Thanks crusader4x!

2002.05.31, 08:33 AM
Well, I couldn't find that motor in the shop, only found the $12.00 squat motor upgrade. Does that upgrade include the neo magnets? Or are the neo magnets only available by themselves for $10? I did however find the minizracer.com motor in the parts search, and was wondering how I could get ahold of one? (it won't let me order it (out of stock?))

Oh, and would that squat mod setup with a 21t megatech high speed/torque arm (or the stock arm, whichever you guys recommend) VS. the minizracer.com motor. Which would you guys say would be faster?

And what about a pinion on those minizracer.com motors? I have 6-12.

I finally got my non-working mini yesterday. Yes, sadly, electronics problem. The car won't even respond to my transmitter.

But wait, I fixed it! The crystal in the radio seemed to have a bad connection, I had unplugged it and plugged it back in many times and nothing, I was wiggling it around (just as a last hope thing) and, boom! I had control of my mini-z. Phewww. Close one. Thanks again guys.

P.S. To all those that say you need a motor adapter for the megatech highspeed/torque, you don't. And as for eliminating the special motor adapter, just add a few thin plastic shimmings depending on the size pinion, and wa-la. Check your gear mesh to make sure it's right, and you'll have no probs. With the 12 tooth it was pretty hard to snap on the motor case with all those shimmings in there. :) But I got it. Good luck. Oh, and that motor is pretty fast, doesn't have much low end torque though. But man the top speed is insane. (Running a 10tooth)

2002.05.31, 08:38 AM
lol, I don't know if I should really ask this, but I'm assuming the minizracer.com motor is faster than the megatech 21turn motor. Sorry if this is a disgrace of a question to your almighty minizracer.com motor. :D ahahaha.

2002.05.31, 08:53 AM
Following crusader4x's post, we may not know for certain whether you need a turbo, but why risk it.

Turbo is a good idea for piece of mind and more performance for your megatech. :cool:

2002.06.01, 07:23 PM
WiReD, the Mini-ZRacer.com will smoke the Megatech! We are currently sold out but more will be available shortly.

2002.06.02, 08:27 PM
Hey Mini-Z,
My brother, The Thunderer, bought one of your Mini-Zracer.com motors but said that it doesn't fit correctly into the F1 Mini-Z's. Will this be corrected with your newer batch of motors?

2002.06.04, 01:08 PM
crusader4x, was it due to the wires? We'll be using smaller wires on future motors except those that we have already produced.

The Thunderer
2002.06.04, 02:15 PM
Originally posted by crusader4x
Hey Mini-Z,
My brother, The Thunderer, bought one of your Mini-Zracer.com motors but said that it doesn't fit correctly into the F1 Mini-Z's. Will this be corrected with your newer batch of motors?

Actually, the wires "were" part of the problem, but I changed them with some other. more flexible ones. After that, the motor fit fine with the exception that the orange end did not fit snugly in the spacer allowing it to "rock back and forth" a little. I put a shim in there and it fit fine (BUT MAN it was a little difficult to get the shim in there and then place the motor/spacer thing back into the car). However, while placing the motor into the car, my soldering proved to be JUNK and a wire came off and I had to take the whole thing out again... (sometimes its just not your day). After soldering, I just put the motor into my Mercedes Warsteiner CLK and enjoyed it there.

So, mini-Z, more flexible wires would be GREAT. Crusader 4x (brother of mine), the motor is AWESOME, the reason it didn't fit was because its owner isn't the best at improvising (or soldering).

Let me restate... the Mini-ZRacer motor is AWESOME! Get one bro, I'm sure you're better at putting stuff together.