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2008.09.03, 05:16 AM
probs the most fun r/c ive had, its pretty fast on a 6cell battery, id say it does about 25mph+ on road:D

think im goin to get another battery, faster charger, new motor (stock ones dont last long) new tires+wheels and theres a shell i quite like but its stretching my budget abit:(

2008.09.03, 08:19 AM
Very nice, i'd leave it alone though, you don't wanna break that...lol

2008.09.03, 08:23 AM
watch them then you'll understand why its the truck for me;) im watching some tires and rims on ebay atm, the stock ones wont last long but i only really want to change whats going to break easily/wear down. anything else that falls off is easy to fix, i poped a driveshaft out jumping it the other day and was driving it an hour later:)

2008.09.03, 04:13 PM
I wouldn't bother with nimh's for that. Get yourself a couple of lipos, a brushless system, and a transmitter with a good range on it lol!

2008.09.03, 04:24 PM
i have to admit its really tempting! i found yeah racing lipo's for 30 on d****** and a sidwinder brushless combo for 70 in the us... thing is, neither are waterproof:rolleyes: might still get some tho... itd be nice to have an absaloutly nuts r/c car:rolleyes:

2008.09.10, 02:48 PM
realised it looks as if i havnt run it in the last pics soo.... i built a ramp in the garden and had some fun:D


got stuck up in the bush:nice:
whats best, it still runs great!

theyre just the woops pics, cant get pics of it running really, and a vid is hard to make whilst driving:rolleyes:

2008.09.10, 04:06 PM
sorry for the treble post:eek:
just ordered-
hpi yokohama geolandar tires (2.2's)
50wt shock oil
4500mah 6cell battery
lexan body siscors (to trim the body so the tires fit right)
and some rather tasty beadlocks-


tires and batteries etc are only coming from yorkshire so you should see them on sunday, ive got to see for the beadlocks though as theyre coming from korea and im not sure how long it will take.

2008.09.12, 12:55 PM
my msuk order came in... pretty cool stuff but cant mount the tires up till i get the rimies:rolleyes:

2008.09.20, 07:06 AM
i never want to see another screw after puting all those in lmao...

2008.09.20, 11:32 AM
They are much better looking than the stock wheels,they make it look beefier!

2008.09.20, 03:10 PM
:cool:Yea those wheels and tyres are a definate improvement over the stock. They are definaely more aggressive looking, i like it alot.:D Saw 1 today at my LHS and there is all kinds of room on the chassis to add equipment like a light kit and a fan for the speed controle and just about what ever. What i like the most is the scale look to it, since you don't see too many full size trucks with the wheels hangin out 3' past the fenders;)

2008.09.20, 03:28 PM
funny you mention a light kit, i just ordered one of these:
20usd ent bad for something that cool. i should be getting a proline body for it in the next week too, the stock ones pretty beat up.

2008.09.20, 05:40 PM
Ya those will cool on your rig, it'll be time for some night racin:D

2008.09.20, 05:53 PM
night bashing you mean lol;) theres no racing for these over here at all... if there was, it would be stock class, mine isnt really stock and ive just sold the stock wheels and tires so it cant go back either now. ah well its gona look kickawesome when its done

2008.09.20, 06:22 PM
;)It's off to a good start. Nothing wrong with bashing and not everything has to be raced, somethings are just more fun to play :cool: I'm trying to get an HPI wheely king and the rock crawler kit for it and then an HPI jeep body to biuld myself a 2.2 crawler. I plan to make it look as real as possible, everyone around here that has crawlers seem to max them out and go crazy over the compition side, but i just want to have fun around my house or when i go camping.:D

2008.09.20, 06:27 PM
wheely king would be good for that, have you seen hpi's gear reduction unit thats coming too? ive been thinking about a crawler/trail rig, i like the look of highlift hiluxs but 200+ is abit much for an unbuilt kit without electrics etc.
other option is an axial kit with the tcs xtrail, they cost around the same though.

2008.09.20, 06:40 PM
Ya i thought about an AX10, but i'm partial to HPI kits. Highlift would be sweet, but ya they are too expensive. I need to play the lottory more;)

I did not know about the gear ruduction kit, i will have to check that out, thanx:cool:

2008.09.21, 04:53 AM
no worries, cant wait to see your truck:)

2008.09.21, 05:16 AM
This is a better display of that light kit your after Liam, got good music to boot!


He's a bit slow with the light-to-music timing but it's pretty cool!

2008.09.21, 05:35 AM
WOWOWOWOW! dont think ive ever seen a trophy truck with lights like that, but theres a first time for everything:D
btw mal never knew you were a fan of pendulum, im goin to see them in november:)

2008.09.21, 09:22 AM
I linked you them :P:P.

I swear were going to end up with identical trucks :D. Same shell, same bl set up, same lights, same light buckets, simular beadlocks, good lord! Atleast we can have a fair race though :D.

Btw, my Mate just offered me some pendulam ticks for Nov as he cant go anymore, duno if there london or birmingham but itll be good to see them again.

2008.09.21, 09:30 AM
lol you still thinking of painting yours pink and black like me? and i thought you sold the cac's lol. yeah brushless is next after the shell, providing nothing breaks, just need my dad to help me sell something then ill have:
a- an r/c shelf
b- enough for the sidewinder combo

how much you paying for the shell btw?

2008.09.21, 03:27 PM
Oh yeah man, Pendulum are the best there is, really wanted to go and see them :(

2008.09.21, 04:24 PM
Yeah i sold them but like i said im ordering more for myself..

Im paying 13 for the shell.

And yeah ill probs do the main colour fluorescent/uv reactive pink, then liquid mask the back and roof with black checkers :D.

@ Mal, ill get the ticks of my mate, and if there for Birmingham your more than welcome to them, ive already seen Pendulam a couple of times so you know... My mate is a dodgy fool though so ill see if i actually get them off him, wont hold my breath though

2008.09.21, 04:45 PM
im going to see them in swindon on the 29th:D
chris mines gona be slightly different probs, depends, im thinking gunmetal grey base, black bed bit (the roll cage in the back, checkered rear (around the bed) in pink and black, and pink graffics on the front. i might use metalic pink tho, it depends on how much ive got after i buy the body and masking tape. wheelspin probs wont have it for 13 quid tho lol...

2008.09.21, 04:46 PM
lol, lookign forward to seeing yours defo.

Itll be kool to meet up and have a gd ol' slash bash when we've finished playing about with them.

2008.09.21, 06:06 PM
That'd be wicked Chris mate, cheers ;)

2008.10.01, 11:26 AM
heres a vid with new lights:
http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s252/xmodguy07/th_MOV00382.jpg (http://s154.photobucket.com/albums/s252/xmodguy07/?action=view&current=MOV00382.flv)

2008.10.01, 01:34 PM
Cool, should have played some cool tunes with it though ;)

2008.10.01, 01:58 PM
i wouldve, it was really cold outside and i'll get a better vid with it driving, and dont forget some cool music, need to decide what though. first things first, i need to get it running:eek: i had a new motor in it, the one i got last meet was a dud- i put the new one in, then put a new pinion on there, was messing with mesh etc and the screw holding the motor in stripped, so the motor wont come out:eek: im going to try a few things to get it out but im not a happy bunny right now:mad:
good news is, i ordered a hard-core shell from proline on monday, and paint turned up for it today too, so i once its hear ill spray it and get pics:)