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2008.09.03, 02:42 PM
Can I run an Anima motor with a 2.4 car or will I burn it up?


2008.09.03, 03:11 PM
Can I run an Anima motor with a 2.4 car or will I burn it up?


i have run both anima and anima II with a stk 2.4 board.....but i would recomend a ad band motor for safety

2008.09.03, 03:24 PM
Like what? Right now i have a speedt 07 but my pan car can take more power no problem. I drove friend of mines car with the anima and it was way faster.

2008.09.03, 04:38 PM
I didn't know there's anina and animaII...?

infanterene: anima is definitely faster than that speedy07 but I wouldn't suggest you to run this motor on your stock fets. If you want, try atomic stockR. Should be safe with stock fets and it is a fast motor as well. Faster than your speedy07 for sure! Although I doubt you need all that speed not unless you drag race these cars...

Good luck!

2008.09.03, 07:47 PM
The WTF and pan car body are a wicked combo. Right now I can go full throttle on the faster half of our track. I will give the Stock R a try.

2008.09.05, 12:16 AM
The Anima and Anima II are very similar spec-wise, so for most purposes you can treat them as the same motor. I run an Anima II on the ASF board's stock FETs, you won't fry the board as long as you don't stall the motor. That said, the ASF board's stock FETs are not ideal for running the Anima II, they simply don't transfer enough current quickly enough to make the most of the motor.

Stock R is bloody fast when geared up correctly. Definitely comparable to the Anima II, but with much less current draw.

2008.09.05, 03:29 AM
Hey Brian! For some reason, my stockR motor is waaaay faster than the anima II that I got from the regional race. My mod car feels like it wants to fly on the straight way especially when I go to All Speed Hobbies in SF. They have 25 tiles straight away! You should go with us next week.

I have 4x 4562's... I'm thinking of taking those off and replacing them with something more manageable to drive. Maybe single stack of the new fets from Reflex. We'll see.

2008.09.16, 05:50 PM
TJ you can't really compare Atomic motors to PN motors. Atomic's "Stock" motors are not stock motors. ;)

Even a unmodded ADBand board with an Atomic AD stock motor is pretty fast.

I can roll the car right off the track at the end of the straight at All Speed. :D

2008.09.16, 11:45 PM
The Atomic motors are stock. They can be used on standard 3010 AM boards (stock, standard can be used on 3004 cars). Yes, they have more power than most PN motors, but I dont think that they are as smooth as the PN motors in the infield, which I feel is more important.

I know this is an old thread, but I fried my Pan 2.4 at the PN regional with a 9/52 gear combo. The mesh was good, but I think that the motor wasnt a good one. It got much hotter much faster than the one that I had in stock class. 2 of the fets had lifted off the board due to the heat.

The Anima has stronger magnets than the Anima II, also the Anima II has silver compound brushes... The stronger magnets in the Anima give it more low end torque, and makes it run cooler despite not having an open endbell. I liked the Anima better than the Anima II, especially because the Anima never burned any of my boards. I ran it on a double stack 4562 AM board for a point series (10 races).

I should have fetted my 2.4, which I wanted to do... but I read and heard many people say that it isnt necessary. I guess I just got a crap motor.

2008.09.17, 03:52 AM
TJ, you said so yourself, the handout Anima II's really aren't all that great. :p The one that I bought was significantly better, actually felt like a Mod motor. Sorry for the late reply. :)

I've run both a handout Anima II and a purchased Anima II off my stock ASF board and the FETs get quite warm. Not toasty enough to lift though, so EMU I think we can confirm now that your motor was bad.

2008.09.17, 08:10 AM
Yeah I agree guys, EMU you got a bad motor. I have both the Stock R and the Anima II. I used both on my 2wd and the Anima II was faster than the Stock R, in fact it felt faster then the Chili and had more bottom end torque then the Stock R. I took it our because I can control the car better with the Stock R or Chili. Maybe when I get better throttle control Ill pull out the Anima II again.

Also, the PN Xeric is a beast for both torque and RPM. Tried it on my AWD, I took it out because its to fast. I think better throttle control is what I need for these motors or a bigger and less technical track.