View Full Version : KO Helios EX10 , Sanwa M11S or Futaba 4PJ whish one better for mini ZK

2008.09.07, 09:44 AM
Whish is better tranmister for mini Z

2008.09.07, 09:52 AM
you left out the new KO EX-1UR. That TX is probably the best for mini z s...
You can get the 2.4 module, AM module and the AD module for it. It has a lot of very good features and tuning capabilities.
Download the manual for it and you can see all the features for yourself....

2008.09.27, 11:45 AM
so the Ex-1Ur is better then the Ex-10?
Does it have more/less adjustments? Is it suitable for 1/10 scale also?

2008.09.27, 01:44 PM
Are you planning to use 2.4ghz ASF, or AM, or both?

I like the EX-10's menu controls better than the EX-1 UR, since the EX-10 has a larger LCD, it is easier to navigate. The EX-1 UR has a couple features that the EX-10 does not, since it transmits at a faster rate. If they are both around the same price, then the EX-1 UR would be a better choice.

I like to stick with the KO radios for Mini-z. I dont want to have to modify the modules to be compatable with the radio. Once you get to the high end transmitters, the differences are very small, since they are all feature packed. Many people have their preferences due to feel of the transmitter over the feature list. There are quite a few racers that use older transmitters that they have grown accustomed to the feel.

Both can be used for 1/10 as long as you have the appropriate module for the receiver. I use Spektrum with my Helios, as well as the Mini-Z module for other 27mhz receivers. I have one Ad-Band car and a few 2.4ghz cars. If you have a lot of cars, then the EX-1 UR would be a better option with 30 model memory instead of the 10 that the EX-10 has. That is one reason why I am considering upgrading, as well as the size. I have small hands, and the EX-1 is a little smaller of a transmitter, and it will give me more room for parts in my racing bag :p

Both the EX-1 and EX-10 are designed primarily for larger scales, and have a lot of adjustment features that are intended for nitro cars, but also work well for the Mini-Z. There are many features that you dont really need for the Mini-Z, but can really dial in the car after the setup is good.

EX-1 UR, with 2.4ghz module:
27mhz AM Mini-Z module for EX1-UR:

2008.09.28, 12:58 PM
so the Ex-1Ur is better then the Ex-10?
Does it have more/less adjustments? Is it suitable for 1/10 scale also?

It has a few more adjustments than the EX 10. I have both TXs now and I had to read the manual to get aquainted w all the features. The EX 10 seems to me a little more user friendly but that is because Im used to it...
Really go to the KO Propo website and download the manuals....
what is good for me may not be for you....

2008.09.28, 06:59 PM
I held the Ex-1Ur today and I have to say it felt very good !

2008.09.29, 12:28 PM
the EX1 UR and helios are both good radios, ive had my helios for a few yrs since i race 10th scale its a great radio and very easy to navigate threw the menu's.. but lately ive been thinking about getting the EX1 UR because its smaller..

only thing i can say to do is hold both radios and make your decision on what feels better in your hand..

2008.09.29, 01:25 PM
i prefer the EX-1UR over the helios i've tried them both,the helios does have a larger screen but it is not any easier to navigate then the ex-1,i feel the ex-1 is faster as far as transite time,no lag in control,also the ex-1 fits my hand alot better but thats problablly because i've been racing with an ex-1 since they first came out like 100 years ago.i also like the way you can shorten the turning radius of the wheel and still get full throw,now my hand doesn't have to turn the wheel so far:cool:

2008.09.29, 03:10 PM
I ordered an ex-1ur with a 2.4 miniz module. Now I am waiting for that and my dnano ;)