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2008.09.07, 01:34 PM
Why do we even have a Lit section if nobody reads it and/or posts questions or comments? Did Kyosho really crap out that bad on the Lit? I still enjoy mine, wish I can convert it to 2.4 as the steering is awefully twitchy and it flips alot. Still, cute little car.
The Lit was a neat idea, but I think Kyosho could've done better. It's cool having a 1/28 scale Morris Mini Cooper along side my exotics.

2008.09.10, 04:18 PM
Hmmm, no comments eh?

2008.09.10, 09:50 PM
I'll comment... it's lonely in here!

I could say that the Dnano is killing off the Lit, or say that the price for the Lit is a bit much for something as such (I could say that about the Dnano too though). I think the majority of hardcore racers out there are so busy with their Zs that it's just too much time to spend for another scale. It also seems that more members on here are taking their actual racing alot more seriously over the past year or so (a very good thing!). Also, there's alot of history and as always, new innovations involved with the Zs... almost too much to ignore.

All that matters is is that you have fun with whatever you're racing or tooling around with.

2008.09.11, 02:48 PM
Yea, would be cool to have a sub-compact or micro-car catagory for racing. Everybody seems to think the Dnano's are what the Lits' were supposed to have been, but dont' realize what the actual difference's are.
The Lit was not supposed to be a smaller scale RC car. It is truely 1/28 scale same as our beloved MR01-MA010 racer's, but based on the smaller "micro" cars. The Dnano is truely a smaller 1/43 scale RC car, a class all it's own. Granted we've had lot's of toy 1/43 scale RC cars, Epoch, Think Happy, et'c. But the Dnano is the first true racer with superb technology and advances like the gyro.
The Lit is no where near what the Dnano is, and the Dnano is not supposed to be a replacement for the Lit since it's scale is completely different. The Lit IS 1/28 in scale clearly marked on the AutoScales box. 1/27.7777 or whatever the number is.
What killed the Lit, I think, is lack of body styles, lack of performance, always flips over, and it's high price for what's included. It's price tag is in the Dnano's range which didn't make sence for something like the Lit. The Lit's technology is no where near as sophisticated as the Dnano's. Nor the enginnering that went into the Dnano.
I suspect the Dnano to have it's very own fan base, especially when the prices go down. I suspect in Japan where it's readily available, that they are racing theme all the time on a track right next to it's bigger brother. Being that the Dnano isn't officially released world wide or the USA yet, may kill the Dnano, that and the 250 some dollar price tag.
I do much prefer my Dnano's over my Lit any day of the week. But once in a while it's fun to bring out the small 1/28 scale Morris Mini Cooper and let it loose on the track. It'll be even cooler if converted to 2.4GHZ.

2008.09.11, 04:28 PM
If smaller scales in general ever truly become mainstream, I can see the Lits turning into something like the Tamiya Mini Cooper classes... but when it comes to racing, how small is too small? I always enjoyed the Mini Cooper class racing at Horsham, always looked like pure fun to me! (traction rolling is cool if everyone else is trying to avoid it too!)

2008.09.11, 05:14 PM
I think it would be fun to have a Lit "specific" racing class so that everyone is equal with the exception of what ever Kyosho upgrades you have on your car. Only sad thing is, we only have three bodies to choose from and that ain't much for a class. I just wish Kyosho would release more bodies for the Lit as well as the rest of the fleet.

2008.09.27, 04:20 PM
Hmmm, seems like the "Lit" has gone out! It's dark in here guy's. Doesn't anybody drive theirs at all?

2008.10.16, 09:53 PM
So.....................I guess nobody run's their Lit? Anybody collect'em? Or was it Kyosho's dead lump on the log?

2009.01.09, 02:36 PM
My gosh, this is certanly the loanliest thread in all the forum! It seems to be an empty waist of space! I guess that means the Lit just wasn't popular enough for Kyosho. Oh well......................

2009.01.12, 09:18 AM
LIT = Lonely In there... LOL

2009.01.12, 02:14 PM
I'd try one just for the lith it comes with, but price is steep for a Z that has very limited body and parts selection; let alone people with them.

2009.01.16, 01:37 PM
The Lit was a neat idea, but I think it failed because of lack of body choices, high CG, and price tag. You really had to slow down for turns cause the Mini Cooper always flipped over.
The other downside was the stock antenna had very short range. My car would quit half way around the track because it was soon out of transmitter's range. You almost had to walk with the car. I modified mine with an Xmods antenna and drilling a hole into the roof. I got like a 50 foot increase of range doing that!