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Dusty Weasle
2008.09.09, 03:52 AM
All the Sporting Regulations for the 2009 season are posted up on the club site.


Not much has changed. Mostly the opening of the motor and body rule in the ATM. I removed qualifying altogether from F1 but left it at 1/2 length, so races will take about 30min. Fuel strategy!

And introducing the brand new Open Class Dash. For the most part if you don't push it with your hand, its legal. It follows the race format of the AZGT and ATM with 5/5/10min segments. Scoring in this series will be purely by lap count with bonus points for leading laps and setting fastest time.

Dusty Weasle
2008.11.17, 11:16 PM
The 2009 local series campaign has begun. See the results for the opening day of the AZGT, ATM, F1, and OCD on our club site:

The field is really close together this season with a large number of drivers finishing on the same lap. F1 was downright brutal this time with a 100% attrition rate! We definitely found the Achilles Tie-Rod of the F1. Still it was great fun and the longer 'half-real length' format allowed for frantic pit work to repair and reenter the race.

Next round is December 20th. See you all there.

Dusty Weasle
2009.05.19, 01:48 AM
Our 2009 season for AZGT, F1, ATM, and OCD has wrapped up. Check out the final standings here:
(Scroll down past the OLPS results)

The previous results can be found here for a view of how the season progressed:

It was our best race season in club history, with close battles every week on the track and for points. Some of the final positions were down to the wire with only a single point separation. Look at the AZGT race- After 1hr and 366 laps, 1st and 2nd were decided by 0.311sec! :eek:

So other clubs out there, you might be interested to check out the points progression we used:
1st 21
2nd 15
3rd 10
4th 6
5th 3
6th 1

This worked out great, allowing a driver placing well to make up a great deal of ground and created many lead changes.

For our Open Class (OCD) we used laps as points with a bonus point for leading a lap, and one point for the driver scoring the fastest lap. The dangerous thing here was wrecking out could cost a driver 30-60 points in a single race.

While this did happen, the danger was equally there for the leader to have a problem too. Going into the final race I was only 13 points ahead, so technically only 13 laps up on the field. If I had trouble, I could have easily lost 13 laps in about 2min of track time!

In most cases though, several drivers would finish on the same lap, with the entire field within a few laps of each other. So the hotly contested battle on the track was the fight to lead a lap, and the desperate push to lay down the fastest time to score those precious bonus points. It was a blast! :cool:

2009.05.22, 03:26 AM
Kevin thanks again for letting me race with you guys . Im slowly getting faster and i apreciate all the advice all of you give me . i hope i did not bring your club points down to much but im starting to get the feel of the car and how it handles so it should not be as bad next season (i hope ) lol see you at the soccar game T.J:D

Dusty Weasle
2009.05.25, 11:33 PM
No problem, glad to have you race with us. You're times are getting faster quick as can be seen on the scoreboard. See ya for the OLPS Big Track Event II on June 6th I hope.

2009.05.27, 01:49 AM
No problem, glad to have you race with us. You're times are getting faster quick as can be seen on the scoreboard. See ya for the OLPS Big Track Event II on June 6th I hope.
Im so going to be there i just got those new a arms installed and waiting to test it out

Dusty Weasle
2009.05.28, 01:03 AM
Change in plans. DJ needs us to move the BTE2 event to June 13th.

2009.05.28, 03:54 PM
cool see you there