View Full Version : For sale cheap!!!

2008.09.09, 03:08 AM
Mro2 gt40 mm. in box used for 5 mins 55

Awd need knuckles and top brace i think. 55

need to go asap

2008.09.09, 03:52 AM
You need to put this in the FS section of the site.

That was a short foray into mini-z's! you were WTB last week!

2008.09.09, 06:24 AM
yup change in plan.

i picked up a cheap 1/10th buggy last week and brother in law and sister wanna have a play no to so consentrating on that for now

popped it in the forum as you guys are mainly in uk dont really wanna have to post to the us

2008.09.09, 06:24 PM
Are you coming on Sunday? If so, let me know and I'll have the cash waiting, but keep it quiet for Sam, he doesn't know yet and it's for him.