View Full Version : JR Propo, KO Propo... same thing?

2008.09.09, 03:28 PM
Maybe you guys can help me,

I have an old JR R1 radio and I'm looking for the pin out information to the module because I'm very interested in trying to convert a MiniZ module to work with it instead of just getting rid of the radio. I have been told that both "Propos" are the same thing and I have been emailing JR Radios for this information to no avail. (didn't even get a response back!)

Any help would be appreciated!


2008.09.10, 12:54 AM
I dont know about that radio, but JR has a radio identical to the Helios. If you want, you can try one of my modules at the PN race ;)

edit: After doing a quick search, I see that there is a seperate Spektrum module for the JR R-1, R-1 Pro, and 756. So it looks like it is different than the Helios/Mars...

2008.09.10, 01:24 AM
Yep... module will require some modifications for sure. I do run Spektrum with the R1 currently... I was using it for 10th & 18th scale for a while. It's got lot's of really nice features that seem to be way ahead of it's time for when the radio was introduced and I figured I'd give it a shot to see if I could still use it.

Guess my best route would be to find a 27mhz module for a Helios and see if I can just make up individual plugs for each pinout and see if trial and error will produce a result.

Thanks for the effort though EMU!

Let's see if KO knows anything about the pin outs. :o

2008.09.10, 11:11 AM
PROPO in Japan stands for Proportional system. So KO and JR are two different companies. KO did do an OEM for JR with the EX-10 Helios and JR called it the Z1. Other then that, they are two separate companies.

Pin outs for the module are not released to the public, sorry. Alteration or modification to the modules violates FCC regulations and repair service will be refused.

2008.09.10, 02:24 PM
Ok... thanks for the information!

(government again!... messing up my life! :rolleyes::D)