View Full Version : Carport track on Saturday - Open Invite

2008.09.11, 11:12 PM
Supposed to be good weather here in Vancouver, so barring any unforseen rain, ~11am this Saturday the 13th I'm going to set up the mini-96 again. Anyone into running some laps, feel free to PM me for some directions and drop by. I'm in the Champlain Heights area (South East corner of the city).

As you can see with the attachments, I'm trying to go for a fast track with a big "highway" for the kids to burn around on with a small twisty area which may just make them ping-pong around a bit... Hopefully it'll work out. I'm still debating on the pit lane concept though - feel free to critique if anyone feels like nitpicking. ;)

My carport has a big pillar just near where this pit lane will be, so I'm leaning towards my 2nd try method just to lengthen where you can pick up the cars. Not a big deal either way... game time decision, I guess.