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2008.09.12, 01:29 PM
Hi folks,

Just wonder if you experts out there have any idea the ~ top speed you can hit with the following combos in an MR-02 and MA-010. There isn't much info on the forum. Thanks.

All based on Kyosho spur and Orion 900:

PNWC 70t, 10t
PNWC 70t, 9t
X-speed, 10t
ATM StockR, 10t

PNWC 70t, 21/27
X-speed, 21/27

2008.09.12, 01:46 PM
Forgot to mention that I run on RCP. It will be ok if you have Speedchecker numbers. Thx.

2008.09.12, 01:54 PM
Planning on doing some highspeed chase? :) May I ask why topspeed? Why not motor dyno, rpm/trq?

2008.09.12, 05:12 PM
I am interested in some benchmarks that I can use for myself. Dyno data would be great but I don't have a Dyno meter. I have a Tamiya speedchecker. I know it's "no load" testing but I can at least detect the relative changes for different motors, pinions, batteries, etc. The actual speed on RCP surface is a "nice to have" so I know how fast these bad boys are capable of.

This is a 1 dimensional data point. It is obvious that top speed is one of many many elements that define the best racer per the given track layout. I don't care how fast you drive if you keep hitting the sidewall then.....:o

2008.09.14, 01:27 AM
one of our locals has dyno... When I see you, I'll ask him.;)

2008.09.15, 08:56 PM
I've got an MR-02 with an older stock AM board with a single layer of 3010 FET's that got 42kph on the Tamiya speed checker with a 10 tooth pinion and Orion 900's.. Hope that helps...

2008.09.15, 10:50 PM
Yes, that helps. That's fast. What motor?

2008.09.16, 12:17 PM
Yes, that helps. That's fast. What motor?
I was running an Atomic Stock R, 10 tooth pinion, stock differential, with Orion 900's...

2008.09.16, 06:29 PM

Many thanks. That's great data point. I have an AM board fetted with single layer of 8858. ATM Stock-R, 10t pinion on stock spur, gear differential, and Orion 900s. Very similar to your setup. On the Speedchecker I only got 37km/hr. Hmm...I need to look into it.