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2008.09.13, 08:54 PM
i just got a mr-01 and a xspeed motor for 50$, it's my first mini z, i thought i would let you know. btw why are there only about three threads in the mr-01 section?

2008.09.14, 09:51 AM
Sorry man, but the MR01 is an old relec and hardly anybody races it anymore. The general Mini-Z public races the new and improved MR02 chassis which is far superior than the MR01. The MR01 can still be competative with the right parts, but as said, it's old and finding MR01 parts isn't that easy.

2008.09.14, 10:37 PM
i just got a mr-01 and a xspeed motor for 50$, it's my first mini z, i thought i would let you know. btw why are there only about three threads in the mr-01 section?

first off congratulations on your first mini-z!!!
second welcome to the forums!!!
thirdly... check under the display options...

it has
"sorted by" & "from the" options...
in the "from the" there's a drop down window, choose "beggining" and click on "show threads"

that should show all the threads posted since the beginning... :D hope this helps...

hmm... just did this and saw all two pages... of posts... wonder where the rest went... guess most were sorted out...

flat 4
2008.09.15, 06:38 AM
My first was the AU Supra, alot of good times with that car. Sold the MR01 awhile ago but I still have the body.

2008.09.16, 05:57 PM
thanks, i have been here about a month now its an awsome site i have 21 post so im not too new.

2008.09.18, 12:40 PM
If your looking for hop-up's for the MR01, there's a seller on ebay that has a nice collection including some hard to find GPM stuff. Steggun29 I think is the seller's name.

2008.09.18, 01:39 PM
well i got it working and love it. marc thanks, and i have a quastion why is the mr-02 so much better?

2008.09.18, 01:48 PM
Much newer for one thing. Lower center of gravity with battery pack flatter and closer to the ground. Improved front and rear suspension. Over all a much better performing chassis. I my selfe have two MR01's and am planning on modifying one of theme to be a competative racer so I can use my Toyota Altezza bodies. I think it would be streight forward swap to replace the old board with the much better glitch free 2.4 system.
The MR01's and MR15's have a high-center of gravity and tend to have a lot of body roll when turning. This is when the body leans over to one side while making fast hard turns. This can be cured by lowering it, and upgrading the suspension.
The MR02 does have some body roll, but not as much as it is already lower and flatter.
The MR15 was basically designed to allow you to use the older narrower MR01 bodies, but have the same steering systems as the MR02's.
You can lower the cars with either washers, or get Kyosho's suspension setting sets which include the proper size washers for the fronts, and little plates for where the motor mount attaches to the H-plate.
There are many upgrades for the MR01 such as Kyosho's own side-damper shocks, or center shock. GPM's got'em, Top Cad's got'em, and so on.
First thing I'd recommend, besides the usual bearings and tires, are the stainless steel king pin's. This will smooth out your front suspension making it work easier.
If I were you, I'd get your MR01 to your liking, and if you have the means, get an RCP Mini96 for running it on. With having a track at home, you can practice, and fine-tune your ride before heading out to your local club for racing.
After you've had the MR01 for a while, I suggest going up to the MR15 as it will feel similar to the MR01, but will have the MR02 steering and suspension upgraded design. Then, work your way up to the MR02, AWD, et'c.
The MR01 is a great place to start I think for Z'ers.

2008.09.18, 01:58 PM
thanks, for the info, my brother is getting a mini96 the cheaper one the expantion kit or is that just to expand the mini 96? is that a good track

2008.09.18, 02:28 PM
The Mini96 is the basic kit that includes everything you need to build a small track. Great way to start racing. The expansion pack is just extra tiles designed to make the track bigger and I think wider. I also suggest getting a good set of tires and I like the Atomic RCP grip tires and I think soft 20's for the front. I'm not entirely sure on the numbers, but you want soft ones up front. I also recommend getting tire-tape for keeping the tires on the rims. I noticed that softer tires tend to roll off and fly off the front wheels alot easier than the harder/stock tires. You'll want to race on the "fuzzy" grip side of the track. You can race on the slippery side, but that is more for drifting with the AWD I think than "grip racing" with RWD.

2008.09.18, 02:47 PM
thats alot of money 200$ how are the econo tiles on the site i cant mention?

2008.09.18, 03:03 PM
I don't know, never tried'em. But the 200 is a worthy investment and I highly recommend it. As long as you take care of it, it'll last you a very long time and will be good for all your Mini-Z racing and any other small scale racing. In fact, with the larger tiles and expansion pack, my local club races 1/18 scale on it. So, it's a worthy investment.

2008.09.18, 03:09 PM
i will see if i can get the money my brother will pay 100$

2008.09.19, 04:22 PM
Trust me, if you have the space for one at home, the RCP track will be the BEST investment for your Z's. You can practice, tune, and over all just have more fun with your growing collection. Trust me, it will grow................:D

2008.09.20, 04:17 PM
how big is it? btw i think im going to start racining in a parking lot with a bigger scale what setup do you suggest? i think i will be with 1/14 recoils

2008.09.21, 06:11 PM
I wouldn't rush into the Recoils... They tried to start a class at the local track last winter with those and had all kinds of issues. Some fried motors, some fried speed controllers... and these were all very experienced RC racers. I never got the specifics because I was too busy with my M18 stuff.

RCP is the best way to get your game on for the Zs... well worth the investment. And if not that route, some office carpet and some PVC rails work too. But if you plan to compete anywhere near serious levels... go RCP for sure!

And as far as the MR01 goes... lowering washers (0.060 thk) under the knuckles, carbon H plate and worn front tires (usually 8s or 10s) and some good 8 or 6 degree rear tires should work wonders for it in the handling department. Hope you have a good wide body though, or you'll be replacing servo gears most of the time! I usually ran a Benz or an NSX with zero or plus one offset front wheels, and up to a plus 2 rear set.