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2008.09.14, 06:18 PM
As you all know, everybody in the club has been bringing food for cooking on race days at their own expense. Top marks over the last 12 months goes out to Jayce:) in this respect!!!

Well guys & girls from next month the food will be included in your race fee :eek:.......so that's more money for you to spend on your "Z" instead:D.
Quality sausages & burgers will still be supplied (but not not up to the standard of Sarah's of course).

Now as our resident cook is taking a break from the George Foreman duties, we could have a competition using a different cook from within the membership each race day to see who can take the title of "Best Dog & Burger Maker" away from Jayce. I know it will be hard and some months we could risk food poisoning;) so wot do you think?

2008.09.15, 08:02 AM
I can cook, i just generally choose not to! (dont tell the wife ;) )

2008.09.15, 10:02 AM
time for a ready steady cook style challenge me thinks:D

2008.09.16, 03:19 PM
Well i see we have our first two volunteers! WD guys:D
btw....what do i get as a prize when no-one beats me? lol

2008.09.16, 03:24 PM
Don't forget the Chicken Vindaloo!

2008.09.16, 03:28 PM
ah damn... just cookin bbq stuff? i ent gona be responsible for 10+ cases of food poisoning:eek:

2008.09.16, 03:31 PM
You'd better get a quick 'how to cook food and not poison people' course then!

@marc Lister's the vindaloo freak,i'll stick to burgers!

2008.09.20, 08:07 PM
How about this, the people who come first and who come last cook's the food the following month. That way, it's encouragement to do better if you come last, and it punishment for being "too bloody good" if you come first :D.