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2008.09.16, 02:02 PM
Hello there. I'd like to start a thread for people asking questions about pit gear and tool's from Atomic.

So far, I have their small pit mat which is really nice peice of cloth to work on. Keep's screws from bouncing off, makes things nice and neat to work on.
I also have their ball bearing Mini-Z stand. Not sure the purpose of it other than display and possibly working on the chassis.

I have several questions regarding their products and wonder if it's worth investing for my Z collection now that I have a club to go to for racing, and a track at home.
First, what does the set-up boards do? THey look nice, but what is their function? I'm not talking about the stand that I've already got, I'm talking about their boards. Is the board really worth getting? How handy is it?
Second, their storage boxes. In my dry climate, my tires dry up and crack pretty easily. Will their tire box help keep'em fresh? One racing buddy stores his in a zip lock bag.
Third question, their Mini-Z protector box. Worth having for transportation?
Finally, is it worth getting a ball bearing tool for removing and installing ball bearings? Thank's!

2008.09.16, 02:15 PM
1. Set up boards. They do have a nice looking set-up board. I too would like to have one but if you can get a cheap one like flat piece of wood it'll do the trick. I use mine when checking for tweaks and such. PN sells a board as well that is compatible with car stand and it has much more use than atomics.

2. Storage box. It's nice to keep things organized but when I go to races, I'm very compact. I sometimes bring, one small size duffle bag and it fits my radio, 2x cars w/ atm protector box,2x lacrosse, Plano box and tire tape. For my tires, I use those tiny ziplock bags to make sure that they're fresh and then I place 'em on my plano (organizer) box. ;)

3. I like my atm protector box. I use it everywhere I go especially when travelling.

4. Ball bearing tool. Don't know what it is...

2008.09.16, 02:50 PM
Thank you Tjay for your inputs. The bearing tool I noticed is for installing/removing the bearings in the motor, but don't know if it'll work for wheel bearings which is what I need'em for.

Just did some calculations, and it'll cost me about 80 buck's to get the gear I'm interested in. Wonder if it's worth the 80 bucks.

2008.09.16, 11:34 PM
I prefer the TGR setup board to the PN or Atomic (I have the PN as well). Its more compact, and works very well, and is compatable with the 015 chassis which the PN is not. The pins fit around the servo area of the chassis right in front of the batterys and right behind the batteries when you have it set up for the Mini-Z. You can see if your offsets are even on all four wheels, as well to see if your motormount is angled... I think that is a worthwhile investment.

The storage box, I dont think is necessary. You can easily find a different storage box. I use one from the supermarket.

For transportation, I use a padded DTX bag for my Z's and put my transmitter in a bookbag with my ziplock bags of parts, 2xDuracell, 1xTriton Jr chargers and parts bins. When I went to the PN race, I put all my chargers (2xDuracell, 1xTriton Jr, 2xDTX Onyx 220, 2xLacrosse BC900, 1xMaha MH-C9000, I only use the Lacrosse and Maha to sort and discharge cells) and parts bins in a large toolbox, and used the bookback for clothes and parts bags... If you are going to only use one bag, then the ATM Protector box would be a good idea. Of course, you could allways make your own if you dont need it to look pretty coming out of your bag.

2008.09.17, 10:47 AM
I'll post a picture of the pit box that I use to carry my junk in. I dont' know how big the tire box or battery box from Atomic are, but I doubt they will fit in the bottom of my box. I do know that the Mini-Z carrying box will fit and those might be worth having to protect the Z's. Right now they both ride in the top shelfe of the box, but they tend to roll back ontop of eachother, not so good.
The pit box does work okay, but not very neat, orderly, and clean looking.

2008.10.08, 07:38 PM
Well, I picked up a few thing's from EGR and I have to say the stuff is very nice, top quality and well worth it.
I got the set up board, tire box-smaller than I expected, 3'n'1 tool kit, and 2 protective boxes.
The set up board is really sweet looking with the SSG carbon-fiber finish. It's a nice large flat surface to help you ensure that your car is perfectly level.
The 3'n'1 tool kit is not only nice looking, but very handy to finally have the right tool for all the Z bit's. Much nicer than searching in your pit box full of junk only to find you dont' have the right screwdriver or allen wrench!
Set up board.
Atomic protective box in background. Nicely finished with magnetic latch to securely close the lid.
Nice adjustable foam peices to fit various lengths of Z's. The Porsche fit's nice and snugly with one foam block up front, and two foams in rear.
My Murcielago only requires one each.

Now, I have a question. Is the Pit Mat machine washable?

2008.10.09, 01:10 AM
put the fourth foam block ontop of the hood infront of the windscreen and it will keep the car from bouncing around in the box should it get upside down in transport....
I use the storage box for all my racers Mr02, F1 and P28

2008.10.09, 09:02 AM
Thank you I will try that. Usually my cars have been traveling loose and I'm always concerned they will brake, especially if I drop it while carrying it! I'm getting some ideas for my Dnano with their tire box!