View Full Version : Sept 20th

2008.09.17, 08:40 AM
We are on for racing this day. This is also the day of my Birthday Party at the Town Center. I am going to be there, possibly. I may end up working. We have the space for that day though. Show up, get your race on.

Action B
2008.09.18, 01:55 AM
Are we running Hfay this day? We do have to run it by the end of the month. I wish I could have my parts by this weekend but the hurricane put reflex and atomicmods back on their orders.

2008.09.18, 08:30 AM
Yeah, you can run HFAY. I wont be able to be there until later if at all. I have to pull a shift at work from 6:30 to 2. I may show up after or I may go home and take a nap before my party. Brandon, you and Maya are invited to that. Its gonna be at the apartments at town center. Get up with Nate and he'll give you the details. Or hit me up on face book.

2008.09.24, 07:29 AM
Can someone get us a race day before the end of the month? We gotta run HFAY for serious. Not this sunday though, gonna blow some buckshot down range that day.

Action B
2008.09.24, 10:06 PM
I thought it was this saturday... Did we not reserve?