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2008.09.18, 01:23 PM
Hello there. I've got a really slow, sluggish MR01. I dont' know if it's the board, the motor, or a bad diff causing drag.
What's the best differential for the MR01? Also, what's the best upgrade motor for MR01? Can I use a standard PN Speedy motor?

Slightly off topic, but still MR01 related, what's cheaper? To buy a 2.4 board and convert the MR01 to 2.4 like in my other thread, or simply purchase an MR15 2.4 chassis? I still like the MR01 chassis and it would be a shame not to use it. But how to make it competative? I need it for my Altezza bodies. Thank's!

2008.09.18, 01:37 PM
Well, I just found the answer to half my question. At Kennon, the 2.4 board alone is 89 dollars, where as the MR15 2.4 chassis is 130 dollars. So it is cheaper to get a 2.4 board than it is to get a new chassis.
I think it should be a streight forward swap putting the 2.4 board in the MR01 chassis, if the wires are same length. You'd have to take the steering motor out of the MR01's servo case and replace it with the 2.4 motor. Same deal with the pot too. Sounds simple enough, but does anyone know if the wires are the same length? I know that the 2.4 board is shorter than MR01 board. I'm asking cause I dont' want to take apart my cars to find out. :D

2008.09.18, 09:57 PM
i have an mr01.

actually, i have 2.

but i refuse to continue to race it, as it has proven to be too delicate.

i would just get the mr15 and call it a day

2008.09.19, 11:08 AM
I might not race it with others, but would be nice to run it on my own track at home.

2008.09.19, 04:27 PM
MR01's board is dead, so I can't test motor's or diff till I get the car working. Can we migrate this thread into my 2.4 MR01 thread please? Moderators can you help me with that? I dont want to clog up two threads of the same posts when they relate to the same project. Thank's!