View Full Version : my new bodyshell

2008.09.20, 11:18 AM
Got my new bodyshell today, less than a week from Hong Kong! The problem is, I have to make the AWD longer to fit it, but then the spur gear won't reach the diff and I'm not sure if I can get a different spur gear or what else I can do. Anyone got any ideas? :(

2008.09.20, 11:30 AM
What WB is the body? If it's 94mm you just need the longer spur gear.If it's 98mm you will need the extension kit.

2008.09.20, 01:32 PM
94mm. Thanks, will order that now. The battery boxes arrived Wednesday. Puting an order together now for atomic and gpm items, so if anyone wants anything specific then please le me know asap.

2008.09.20, 02:17 PM
ive got plenty of the 94mm spur sets in stock if you get desperate:)

2008.09.20, 02:25 PM
thanks, there's a few things i need anyway, so hopefully i won't need it, but i need to get some tyres sorted too. Think 30 front and 20 rear.

2008.09.20, 03:19 PM
20r 30f is a good start,a.w grooves work well on bri's track(im sure you know already lol)you should get a good wear rate out of them too:)
what body did you get?

2008.09.20, 03:22 PM
I got K.A.R.R., ie, Knight Rider. Looks longer than I remember it being, I know it's longer relatively speaking than the Scalextric version I had, but American cars do tend to be big.

Lost out on a 1989 Batmobile earlier in the week by $1, which really annoyed me.

2008.09.20, 03:51 PM
KARR on an AWD huh? Are you going to drift, or race this one?
I'd get some black Atomic dish style wheels as they'd be the closest you'll find to KARR's stock wheels as the stock wheel's won't fit the AWD. Post some pic's when you've got it together! Oh, and I'd hook up the scanner's lights to the battery terminals rather than the motor terminals. That way, as soon as you turn on the car, the light is always flashing rather than flashing with throttle which I never liked. I like it always on with the car.

2008.09.20, 08:04 PM
Def race. Was just thinking that in the series, it's supposed to be able to jump by "turbo boosting" and was wondering what size jumps, if any, it could handle.

2008.09.20, 08:13 PM
LOL! If you want KARR to jump, mount him on a monster truck chassis! I doubt the racer's could handle it very well. They might be able to jump an inch or two, but not much more than that. Get a video of it racing around the track once you get it sorted out will yea? I'd love to see it. Oh, and one of your friends should get KITT so you two could do battles.

2008.09.21, 03:30 PM
Man i would love Kitt, oh and Oopster, i sold a pair of atomic extenders to Tom a while ago and i have an extended spur gear you could have, not sure what tooth it is though!

2008.09.21, 06:58 PM
KITT is available on ebay, along with the Knight truck. Just do a quick search

2008.09.22, 01:22 AM
truck...? is it rc?:D

2008.09.22, 08:09 AM
no, just think it's a toy to accompany kitt

2008.09.22, 09:32 AM
That would be cool if it was an RC truck with a remote opening rear hatch so you could drive in/out.

2008.09.22, 11:11 AM
ive always wanted to mount a 1/24 truck model to an xmod chassis, and have a trailer full of cherry bombs wired to a 3rd channel, so as your driving you can blow the trailer up:D would cost loads but look great

2008.09.22, 01:09 PM
I don't think I'd want to race behind you buddy..................:)

By the way, Hobby Japan on ebay has like four KARR's available, and somebody else has KITT available, and Jason's Store has the KITT ready set available for those interested in Knight Rider.