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2008.09.21, 01:57 PM
Hello there. What's the best way for setting up my Murcielago useing the Reflex Racing package for use on my Mini96 track at home,
And then what's the best setting's for a larger track like this.

The larger track in the second picture is the one we had set up at our club this past weekend. It's designed for racing 1/18 scale cars but the Mini-Z's love it as there is ton's of room and less chance of hitting the walls. The Mini96 as you know is a very tight and narrow track.
So, what settings should I use for each type of track?

2008.09.22, 01:08 AM
I would suggest getting an expansion set for the mini-tile. So you can carry more speed. Even just widening the straight will let you open the throttle more and judge the turn in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UphqeZ4Y58 You can see in that video how he can open up early and ride turn in hard at the end of the straight without losing much of the speed. With a narrow track like the Mini-96, the radius of the corner is much smaller, so much lower entrance speeds are required. The expansion makes the 96 a good practice track with one or two racers.

Typically, when you setup for a large track it will run well on the small track. When you setup for the small track, your not generating as much heat on the tires due to the decrease in scrub. So your car may push more or pull more depending on tire choice and grip of the track. Each RCP track is slightly different in the amount of grip. My mini-tile had more grip than the large track I race at every week. So it was really a place to adjust setups to take tight corners faster, which did help on the larger tracks in the infield. Transition speed is important, which can lead to a car that isnt as stable on.

The Murcielago is a good base setup. Very stable, and rotates well in the corners. Slightly better on larger tracks than smaller ones.

Tires really make the car. Without the right tires, you are just making compromises with the setup. If your car doesnt have enough turn in, try a softer front spring. I like a medium to hard spring personally since I dont like too much initial steer on the high speed sections. For a smaller track, softer springs work a bit better, harder springs on a larger track. Then find the tire that gives you enough steering without breaking the rear traction loose when entering the corner of getting on power out of the corner. I mainly use the PN white or purple springs.

A good base setup would be PN 6d radials in the rear with PN 10d slicks up front. If there is too much steering, then you can go with a harder front, not enough, softer front. Remember that every track is different, as are the conditions they are run.

Try to list your setup (parts installed), and get a few different sets of tires to try and keep them organized as to which tires you are using. Tires are the most important part of the car. If they dont grip, the balance of grip is pretty important. Write down what tires you use, and what the laptimes are. Of what the charateristic is (understeer, oversteer, neutral) Start hard and work your way softer as the car will become more difficult to drive as you go with a softer front tire. You may also want to get a couple rear tires to see if a harder tire runs well. They will wear less, and last longer. I am liking the new Atomic 8d rear radials for casual use with a 70t motor. In modified theyre good, but not as good as the PN 6d radial. With stock, I dont necessarily like my car to be glued to the track. Since its easier to feel the limit with stock cars.

2008.09.22, 09:27 AM
This is pretty much what I have on my Murcielago.

Reflex Racing Ultimate Disk Damper
Reflex Racing High Speed Ball Bearings
3Racing Externally Adjustable Ball Differential
3Racing 2 degree Aluminum Front Knuckles
3Racing Titanium Screw Set
3Racing Aluminum Wheel Nuts
Atomic 2.8mm DPS Mount
Atomic Stock R Motor
Atomic Front RCP Spring Set
Atomic Soft MM H-plate
PN Racing ML 94/98 Aluminum Motor Mount
PN Racing Wheels and Tires

Selfe-added +1 degree PN tie-rod.

Unfortunetly, once I opened the tire package, I tossed it out so I really don't know what the tires are that I'm useing.
My RM Modena is 100% Kyosho with PN motor, Atomic RCP grip rear's and I am thinking 20 front's, but not really sure. I wish they'ed label their degree on the walls of the tires so we can identify theme.

As for getting an expansion pack, I have been thinking about that a lot, but it all depends on how much use I get out of what I've got. And that depends on how often dear old Dad is out of town so that I'll have the space to set it up. When he's gone, I do have PLENTY of room for a nice large track. I was thinking of getting two chicane kits and the expansion pack and maybe a few extra tiles.
If you look at the photo of my home track, where the end wraps around the support beam, I was thinking of putting a chicane on either one and extending the track out to the office that you see in the back ground, looping around the coffee table, and chicaning back in and looping around the workbench. All this would hopefully be three tile wide.
The track we set up at the club, in the second picture, is the larger tiles, I DON'T have room for that large a set up.

Right now I don't have any choice on tires unless I spend more money. I do have plenty of springs to try out. I kind of wish I had two virtually identical Murcielago's, one set up for small track, and one set up for large track, but right now it's just the Murcielago and Modena.

Strangly enough, the Modena is perfect on both tracks allthough I do notice it hopps more on the larger track and I can go full throttel all the way around it. Like I said in my Top Shock thread, it won me two races this past weekend, I'd love to get the Murcielago to do the same. I may also have a chance at getting another yellow Murcielago to race with so hopefully I won't be getting smacked into all the time! LOL!

I also notice how much more RCP dust the club's track has due to more useage, so I'm sure that effect's the cars as well. Particularly when we race on the 1/18 track cause the 1/18 scale cars really seem to tear up the track more. Well, not really tearing it up per say but you know, makes more dust.

2008.09.22, 09:40 AM
did we really need another thread about helping you set up your cars, marc?

It seems to me that the "Top shock" thread in the MR02 section is pretty much the exact same thread...allow me to paraphrase:

1. My 360 RM modena is awesome
2. My Murc is not so much
3. What can I do?

I'm no moderator and I apologize for being a nag....but lets be realistic.;)

2008.09.22, 11:06 AM
Sorry that it sounds the same, but it's different. Not sure how to merge the two threads together or if merging is even needed.

Basically, the Top Shock was originally intended for just the MM set up as it is and weather or not it needed the top shock or can it work without. Not really intended to be a set up thread.

This thread was simply to ask how to set up the same car but on two different tracks since you want the car to behave one way on a small tight track, versus a larger wider track. Sorry to confuse and thinking it's two of the same threads, that was not my intention as I've done it before.

I probably should not have mentioned the RM Modena at all since it is "perfect".

So to clearify, this is how to set up MM for two different tracks.

I'd also like to add, that the Top Shock thread was posted in the MR02 for MR02 users to help answer the question.

This was posted here to ask Reflex Racing the question since I purchased the Reflex Racing package for my Murcielago. I was hoping to get an answer from anybody in Reflex to help me perfect my car for the two different tracks.

2008.09.22, 01:23 PM
Should I also change gear ratio according to the track? That is something I've really never, ever messed around with. What tooth do you use on my small 96, and what tooth do you use on the larger club-size track?
Do I use lower gear at home, and high gear at the club?

2008.09.22, 07:26 PM
I never changed the gear ratio to run on my Mini-Tile. I was only using it to tweak my setups slightly, and practice driving.

I usually run taller gear ratios, ie. 10/41, 14/52 with the PN 70t. Other motors I dont run so tall. Atomic Stock I like 11/52, Speedy 07 I liked the 9/41. All on larger sweeping tracks. Try and see what works best for you. You dont want to go through the entire straight and never top out. It looks like your track is pretty quick, so I assume a 9t should be good. If you have a few slower turns, then you may want to gear it down a little to be able to accelerate faster out of them. I usually choose my gear depending on the slowest turn on the track and how much I am topping out. Topping out is not necessarily a bad thing. It is if you are 5mph slower than the rest of the field, but not if you are 1-2mph slower.

2008.09.22, 09:13 PM
Thank's EMU. While we are discussing my Murcielago, I did try changing the gear ratio on my Modena. Not sure I liked it with the medium or larger gear. The car seems to work best with the stock gearing, or what ever gear it is that Kyosho installed when they built it.
I have not yet tried aftermarket gears, so I don't know if they use different numbered teeth or if it's the same as the three gears that come with the car's.
I had thought you would want high-speed gear on fast long straights and fast sweeping turns, and you would want the lower-medium gear's for tight turn's.
I know when I drive my real car, you always downshift for the sharper turns than you do for the longer sweeping turns.

2008.09.22, 11:37 PM
I just never setup a car FOR the mini-tile. I would test them on the mini-tile, and set them up for the larger track.

If the gear is too tall, you dont get up to speed until past your brake/let off throttle zone, so you're not using all of its potential. This past weekend I installed an Atomic Stock into the chassis that I used for modified at the PN regional. I used the same gearing that I used at the race, 11/52 (PN 64p). The car was pretty easy to control, but felt pretty slow. I switched to a 13/52 and the car was too fast for its own good. I traction rolled it a few times at the end of the straight. The lower gear ratio also helped in the corners as well. I think a 12/53 ratio would have worked well, but I ran a different car that wasnt being tested. This setup was for the PN race which had a lot of grip, our track doesnt have nearly as much grip as the track did in PA (DOW track).

I attached a pic of the gear ratios, so you can get an idea of the difference between each gear. When you talk about a shorter gear, it is a higher ratio number, and taller gear is a lower ratio number.

The Atomic Stock is a very powerful motor, more power than the modified motor that I was using at the PN regional. Especially if you gear it up. The motor has a lot of low/mid torque, so it is pretty explosive on throttle, and has a lot of drag off throttle. You basically never lift off completely unless you are going straight, since its basically like hitting the brakes on the PN motors.

The stock gears that come with the Mini-Z are 6t (installed), 7t, 8t, and 9t. Stock spur on the gear diff is 44, same on the MR02 ball diff. The 64p allows you to gear the car a little higher than the standard pitch, although the standard pitch can gear a little lower which can sometimes come in handy with small tracks and high speed modified motors.

My Murc has a 10/41 standard pitch. I ran it in the stock class at the PN race, and finished 4th. I kept up to the fastest guys on the straight. Setup was pretty consistant, except for the first few laps where the rear tires needed to warm up since they were a little worn, I should have put a new set on before the last practice going into mains.

-PN ML Motormount
-PN ML DDS (red spring top/green bottom) 1000 oil on damper plate
-Top shock, think its a mix of a 3Racing and a Powerline MR01 damper with medium spring and 500 oil
-Kyosho medium carbon t-plate
-PN Ceramic ball diff
-3mm Atomic white dish wheels
-8d Atomic Radial tires

-JPL 1.5 camber / .5 caster upper tower bar / PN lower tower bar
-Kyosho stock knuckles
-PN Purple spring with shortest limiter, no preload, limiter on top of spring
-Kyosho kingpins
-0mm Atomic white dish wheels
-worn 20d Kyosho slicks, pretty thin compared to new, I prefer the response with thinner tires
-stock tie rod, which has toe in when using the JPL towers due to the camber

This is a good setup for high grip tracks. On a low grip track I would change the tires to 6d PN rear or the new Kyosho 20d radials. Still have yet to try a set of the Reflex tires, still have them in package waiting... Right now is a good time for tires. So many good tires available from many different companies.

2008.09.25, 07:02 PM
The Stock R is going to be ballistic on a Mini-96 track. For the tight stuff on a green track surface, I like Reflex SSG or PN 6 in the rear and PN 10 on the front. On faster, grippier tracks, I like Kyosho 20 on rear and PN 20 on the front. There are a lot of variables to take into account, but the right tires will get you in the ballpark.

2008.09.25, 07:48 PM
Thank's guys!