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2008.09.22, 02:30 PM
Has anyone here dealt with ToyEast through eBay ?

I ordered some parts from these guys three weeks ago, and as of today they still haven't shipped them. :mad:

At first they e-mailed me asking that I verify my shipping address which is different on PayPal than eBay (even though they are both tied together and verified and Paypal should take precedence).

I verified the address for them, and after 2 weeks passed without a package I asked them for a status. It only took them 4 days to reply... only to ask me to verify the address again.... :eek:

This is freaking ridiculous. I buy all kinds of stuff from HK nearly every month and never head such problems. Once thing is certain, I'm never doing business with these guys again.

Anyone else have similar problems with them ??

I think we should start a thread where we should rate our experiences with some of the on-line or eBay merchants.


2008.09.22, 02:35 PM
dealt with them a few times and had no problems at all

2008.09.22, 02:59 PM
Talk to fangel about it. He's the Iwaver guru and he works at ToyEast. He's been very helpful to me before, a great guy to deal with!

2008.10.02, 09:27 AM
Since I hadn't heard anything from ToyEast since the last message, and I know that it takes about a week for a package to get from HK to San Francisco, I sent them another message asking them if they shipped the package and for the tracking #.

I sent that message last Friday morning. Today I received a response. Just a tracking #, no explanations, nothing. When I checked the # on HK post, it was mailed today. So it took them 1 month to actually ship the package.

Now there's service for you.

Just to put this kind of service in perspective, during this time, I've ordered 2 times from RC mart, once from Miracle-mart, and another time for eHirobo (for my Helicopter stuff). I also bought a RTR FireLap on eBay from TinyRC, and an AirsoftGun from RedWolf. All these guys are in in Hong Kong, and all the packages were promptly shipped and received.

So in case Fangel is reading this, please convey the people in charge at ToyEast my extreme displeasure with their company, and assure them I will never, EVER buy anything from their company again, because THEIR SERVICE SUCKS !!!:mad:

2008.10.02, 08:19 PM
I agree, same thing here. When ever I order something that's over seas, I always ask for EMS delivery as it is the fastest, and most reliable method. Only thing is that you have to be home to sign for it.
Don't get to mad at ToyEast, you may have had one bad issue with theme but they have been very good to me. As I suggested before, next time you wish to purchase something from ToyEast, I'd contact fangel about it first and get his help with it. He'll make sure it gets to you on time as he's done for me in the past. He helped me a great deal when I ordered my two Iwaver 02M's.

2008.10.02, 08:25 PM
Did you order ems or regular? I live in San Francisco, via ems(I think? or w/e was fast..) took four days. Regular should take about two business weeks (normal rate from other HK related stores)

You missed the point. It doesn't matter what service was used (It appears they chose registered AirMail), what matters is that they didn't ship the items for a month. I paid for these items on September 5th, they didn't bother to ship them until October 2nd, nearly a month. Now I still have to wait another week (if I'm lucky, until I get the package.

One other big problem is the lack of communication. Every time I tried to communicate with them it took at least 4-5 days for them to respond.

This is NOT the way to do business.

I've done business with Hong Kong companies for years for my personal purchases, and as a Product Development Engineer for a California based computer manufacturer I also do business on almost a daily basis with Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese companies. If any of them would take care of their customer this way, they wouldn't be in business for very long.

Unfortunately, it appears that this company doesn't really care, they look at their customer base as one comprised of either kids, or people that don't know any better, and as long as no one speaks up, they'll continue this way.

If you bought stuff from them and you got it on time, then great, you are one of the lucky/happy ones. I, on the other hand (and I'm not the only one) had a bad experience, and frankly I wouldn't buy anything from them again regardless.

2008.10.02, 08:37 PM
Well, they are more of a toy store than a professional hobby shop. Certainly not like EGR Mart or other places that specialize in hobby grade items. So your probably right that they think most of their customers are kids. While they do sell some Kyosho products, their biggest stock I think are kids toy's. Not adult toy's. Well, I don't mean adult toy's, but you know what I mean. :D
Dispite your unhappy results, I'd give'em a second chance unless this was their second chance than I'd say the heck with it. Shop here at Mini-ZRacer, service is 100% top notch! :)