View Full Version : dischargers for AAA

2008.09.22, 07:14 PM
im looking for a battery discharger for my AAA

2008.09.22, 08:45 PM
i use nothing but the pn discharger,it brings the batteries down to .9 per cell and it has an alumium case to transfer heat away from the batteries while the are discharging and it also has cool blinking led's to let you know when discharge is complete

2008.09.22, 09:08 PM
I have ATM but I really want the PN since the ATM doesn't really bring all cells down to .9v. I would really recommend the PN discharger tray.

2008.09.22, 09:23 PM
Ill 2nd the PN dischargers.;):)

2008.09.22, 11:57 PM
what brand is pn?? an where can i get one???

DJ Kyosho
2008.09.23, 02:15 AM

2008.09.23, 05:24 AM
Do you need to hook it up to something for discharging? Because I see wires on one of the pix.

looks good.

2008.09.23, 05:39 AM
the wires are for the matching charging tray:)

2008.09.23, 06:04 AM
the wires are for the matching charging tray:)

Thx. It looks realy professional!

2008.09.23, 08:33 AM
How about just leaving your cells in the Z? I noticed that if I forget to take them out, even though the Z is turned off, the cells will loose their load. Not a good idea?

2008.09.24, 06:50 PM

2008.10.23, 01:31 PM
I know everyone is recommending the PN Racing discharger that discharge at 1A.

Just wondering if anyone had made a DIY discharge similar to the PN racing? I know it would cost a lot cheaper for DIY discharge with similar features (roughly would cost $7 worth of material). I'm just too lazy to sit down and do the actual calculation and test it :p

2008.10.23, 05:18 PM
i dump my cells at 5 amps. i use my yokomo/rayspeed discharger for normal 1/th cars. they give my cells that extra punch and they alway peak higher than rated.