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2008.09.24, 05:02 AM
Look what I did!


Let me know what you think.

I'll do "It's on" at the weekend or next Tuesday/Wednesday.

2008.09.24, 06:00 AM
good work tom,my fav is the 14/10/07 vid,the chicane part:D
we need to talk about germany if you guys are still going?

2008.09.27, 07:57 AM
Thanks Matt. Dunno if I'm gonna go anymore - still unsure. My GF has mentioned something about the Czech Republic for my 21st and it's looking like it may clash with Germany. I'm not sure yet though, she's been very cryptic.

2008.09.28, 11:43 AM
do you have a team together for it if you dont go?

2008.09.28, 04:49 PM
Jayce and Mal are the team, other than me. :)

2008.09.28, 04:59 PM
cool,should be a laugh then:)

2008.09.30, 01:08 PM
I thought there had to be 3 for a team?
And if your not going we need to know ASAP so we can sort out what we are going to be doing about a car.
Also, is jonny still goiong and what are you doing about a team Matt, are you still going?!?!?

2008.09.30, 01:10 PM
Nah man, 2-5 I think.

I don't know what's going on. It's more or less out of my hands at this moment in time, which is why I've not said anything about it yet. I've known for about a month now, but it's too early to say I can't go. I'm just presuming I am going for now. You'll know more when I do, don't worry. ;)

2008.09.30, 02:59 PM
Look what I did!


Let me know what you think.

Brilliant videos tom!!!!

2008.09.30, 03:02 PM
BTW,when are we going to see the 'it's on' vid?

PS well done with the vids,looks great.We need to get some more race vids now

2008.09.30, 03:03 PM
x2, i want vids hehe :D, well done with the section tho! :)

2008.09.30, 04:09 PM
Thanks peeps. Still too busy to edit vids. Got 4 assignments from uni in 3 days! Two of them are fully working websites, ones a fully working database in software I've never touched and one's a report. :(

2008.09.30, 04:10 PM
jonny has quit mini z so it will just be me nobby and possibly kafou for now:)