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2008.09.24, 05:16 PM
My 2.4 Dnano's stall when they hit the walls. What I mean, is that I loose throttle, no forward, no reverse, nothing. I get steering, but no throttle.
LBRC told me this is typical of 2.4 when they loose power momentairely. Can't see any loose wires or connections anywhere on the cars.
My 2.4 MR02's work flawlessley, but my Dnano's don't. Any suggestions? Could I have a loose battery terminal deep inside the chassis? I'd hate to take it that far apart! I'm left to beleive that it's either the batteries are dying out, which doesn't make sence since I haven't had theme very long. Or the motor's going bad.
Need help to fix these two Dnano's!

2008.09.25, 04:59 PM
i always had that problem with my 2.4 AWD (stock fets) whenever i use Atomic Stock-R motor...any chance that ur car overheat or get played too long?

2008.09.25, 05:41 PM
Nope. When it was brand new it was running perfectly. Then just recently, well few weeks ago the problems started. I don't notice much of an overheat with the Dnano's, so I don't know what's going on. Kind of ticked cause it's 150 bucks just to replace the electronics in this car. That's a new MR02 chassis!

2008.10.09, 10:20 AM
Don't know if this will help you, but I got the exact same symptoms with my 2.4 MR02 LM. I would intermittently lose power but still have steering.

I finally got the car to do it at home, and checked the voltage across the two motor wires. I found ~ 5 V there, so I knew the problem was with the motor.

Turns out the brushes were not getting full movement in their slides (I run the Atomic M1 endbell can on this car), so a bump into the wall would jar the brushes just enough to make them lose contact with the comm. I had inadvertently made the brushes pigtails too short.

Probably not your exact problem, but the methodology should be the same. Wait 'til the car is exhibiting the problem, then check voltage across the motor terminals. If there's power there, then your motor's the issue...


2008.10.09, 10:30 AM
Thank you, that is what I suspect as well since I still get steering, but I loose throttle and it works again once I pick it up and spin the rear wheels with fingers. I'm trying to get LBRC to hook me up with his battery and motor upgrades and I hope that'll solve the issue.

2008.10.26, 04:43 PM
well i noticed the same problem today, im using the stock r motor too. (but that is not the problem in this case)

the problem is that the car just dies randomly when i hit a wall (no sterring or throttle, simply dead), happened 3 times today. (drove about 8 packs in total) worked fine again after i have swithed the radio off and on and then the same with the car..

cant really figure out the problem.. has anyone else had this problem too??

2008.11.11, 07:43 AM
I was having this same problem, and it wound up being carpet fuzz stuck in the brushes.

2008.11.11, 09:16 AM
it hurts, Its SCARED ! stop running him into the wall ;)

- i had to, sorry