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2008.09.25, 03:04 PM
Here it is...

-05 Micro Monster
-02M - Yellow Mustang
-Firelap Red Enzo Ferrari body


Iwaver 05:



Without the body:




Pretty cool the Monster... :) And the other things.

2008.09.25, 03:04 PM
Enzo (same chassis):




2008.09.26, 12:47 AM
Hi Doug01n,

How about a review of the new 05? I haven't seen anybody commenting on the quality/ driveability yet.
Thanks in advance,

Red Team
2008.09.26, 07:07 AM
Yea, I would appreciate a comment for 05 handling as well, thanks !

2008.09.26, 08:26 AM
A quick review:

The 05 is good for playing indoor... take a look at this small clip a made yesterday, on my desktop, at work (after working... lol)


The diffs work very nice, and the tires have a good grip. But if you try to play with the stock pinion on the grass, you will think that he is slow, and driving is not that good.

In small places, it's very nice to turn and control. I didn't play with it so much, 'cause is my son's gift for the "children's day" (a holliday in Brazil when we make a tribute to our children, and use to give toys to them)... I'll give him the 05 at october 12, and them I can make a more detailed review, including pictures, videos and an exploded dismantled view.

I think it's a very nice micro, and worth the price. (In dollars, it costs arround U$ 138.00, while the Mini-z Monster costs U$383,00 in a local store)..

There's the direct import method with international cards. But the shipping costs to Brazil are too high, and if you buy only one car, doesn't worth the shipping (arround U$40,00, normal shipping from Toyeast).

YES, we have a huge taxing over imported products... :( . This discourage us to buy new itens on this hobby.

By the way, it's NOT a crowler! The wheels are always at 90 at the floor, the suspension is like a normal vehicle (very high), and not as the miniz, wich twist the shaft, manteinig the front whells perpendicular to the shaft. It goes up and down, like a "micro-stapede". Thats why drive it at high speeds is much more fun than at low speeds...

I will be glad to make more videos later... i'll post them here! If wou have any questions, just asking!

(sooooorry about my bad english... i'm trying!)

Red Team
2008.09.26, 09:03 AM
Nice video and thanks for the quick response.

I was thinking to buy one 05 but the lack of reviews and opinions made me to choose the more faimous Micro T, which it's a really nice tiny truck and you can take it outdoor with no worries.

Looking forward to see more 05 action clips.

As for 02M's, read the specific topics and you'll find very useful info about settings and modifications you can make to improve their performance. Actually, last weekend, I rent one, put some nice PN upgrades and managed to set the daily lap record, second fast in the 1 year history of our club. It's a great chasiss if set it up correct.


2008.09.26, 10:40 AM
Yeah, I really like iwaver chassis. I'm starting to hop up one of my chassis to prepare it for competitions. I already have the alluminum rear suspension, and next i'll buy the knucke arms and suspension front support.

I need to do train and set up the better steering bar for my driving, them buy the aluminum part too!

I'm making a home track, it'll have 30 square meters, with an awesome 10 meters big straight (don't know if it's writen right...), and a slow part right after!

I'll post everything here, as it will being complete.

2008.09.27, 03:08 PM
Do not get the carbon-fiber lower plate. While it may look cool it is a lot stiffer than the stock peice and you will virtually have no rear suspension.

2008.09.28, 08:07 PM
Thanks Marc! I'll remember this!

I didn't buy your cars because of the shipping problems... otherwise, i would like to make deal with you!

Red Team
2008.09.29, 04:39 AM
Well guys, after thinking the same about carbon chassis I thought to give it one more try.
So the result it's like this: the upper carbon plate, has the suspension holes misaligned with the main carbon chassis suspension holes. That’s why it will have no suspension travel if you mount those as it should be.
But…if you switch the suspension arm components – the one which it’s on main chassis you’ll mount it on the upper arm and vice versa…magic, the whole system start to do what it supposed to do.
In order to work properly, make sure before you do that, as suggested on one Iwaver threads, you switched also the 2 motor stays, the one from the back put it in front and the one from the front you put it in the back, so at the end, you’ll have the taller stay on the back of the car. Also, use the plastic stays and the plastic motor mount. Also if you were thinking to use the allu suspension parts, it will not work properly with both parts. I played with them and I end up using one part allu – the one with the spring on it and the other one in plastic.

Hope you’ll understand my explanation…and hope to be able to post some pictures and maybe a short video soon.

2008.09.30, 01:15 AM
Hello doug01n
Nice collection, really good looking big-foot indeed:eek:

2008.09.30, 08:47 AM
Doug01n: Thanks for the quick review, I am looking forward to the next update. BTW nice rides :cool:
Red Team: Always interesting to hear how other people set up their iwavers. I agree that there are not so many performance enhancing upgrades available for the 02Mm chassis, but you can do a lot with what comes in the box.
Do I understand you correct, that you turned the shocks upside down? I will have to try that myself, and see if I notice the difference. Keep us updated on new settings please :)

2008.10.01, 10:35 PM
I like the Mustang, but that Enzo needs much wider wheels or wider offset?

2008.10.01, 10:37 PM
Thanks Marc! I'll remember this!

I didn't buy your cars because of the shipping problems... otherwise, i would like to make deal with you!

I've lowered the price considerably so if you equal the original price that should cover shipping. I've got something else to ship tomarrow and I'll ask what it'll take to ship the Iwaver's to your location in case your still interested!

2008.10.02, 08:01 AM
PM for you marc, about the selling products...

Yes, I'm thinking in getting a wider offset rear wheels. The front is not so strange, but there is about 0,2 inches distance between the body and the wheels.