View Full Version : Whats a wisconsinite to do?

2008.09.25, 08:13 PM
I really want to go to a race event [anything with more than 2 people, lol] but the problem is, theres NO mini-z scene in wisconsin. Except for in milwaukee, but thats on the opposite side of the state! I guess if i was an adult [had my own house, car, etc.], i could drive for 3 days to california, but even then, it'd be kind of a hassle. what else is there for me to do? racing is always fun, but just me and my friend driving around on the track gets kind of old.

2008.09.25, 08:19 PM
Try the HFAY on line racing series. You get to race against the clock versus people from all around the world!

2008.09.25, 08:31 PM
yeah, me and starsky have been looking at hfay a lot. it looks really awesome, but we'd have to get that $400 gyro lap counter and stuff, right? I just think it'd be awesome to meet up with other mini-zer's, so i can talk to people who actually know about mini-z's, and to expand my racing wisdom. :)

is there ever going to be an event in the midwest? I'd force my parents to let me go if there was. The main problem though is that, since theres no miniz scene here, my parents dont really understand that mini-z's arent walmart toys that little kiddies bash up on a track. They are hobby grade machines, and are just as competitive and "For real" as racing anything else.

2008.09.25, 08:49 PM
If there's no track around you... all the more reason to start your own club.
I've invested more than I like to think into just a pure, for fun racing club... and it's always been worth the time and money.

You might want to invest into a trip over to the Ann Arbor guys... very serious racers there! You'll learn a ton there for sure.

2008.09.27, 01:22 AM
Very true, if your're ever in the Ann Arbor area look us up.

2008.09.27, 09:07 AM
I found our Mini-AZ club during the end of the first season and quickly joined.. At that time, it was Dusty/Saiyan/Dink. Joe and I joined together and soon Brad bought a car also..

You already have two racers, it should be a pretty easy jump to start having races, only need one more.. The Giro-z or the Core counting system are both perfect for small clubs on a budget.

2 Ls = 300
Counting system = 400
Computer =200

Total =900$

A new HFAY club costs less to start than most people's initial investment into RC. I know alot of people that easily have that much into a 1/10 scale racer and they still have to travel to the track location/ spend alot more on tires and parts/ get to race for 16 minutes in an 8 hour raceday.. I know I get more tracktime during practice than they do for the entire day of racing.

2008.09.27, 10:26 PM
^ yeah, mini-z's are great aren't they :)
my friend will probably get an L soon, so then all we need is a lap counter and some more members. Im pumped :D

2008.09.28, 03:22 PM
I'm pretty much in the same boat you're in except it's only me and my little brother.I'm trying to start my own club though and just picked up a pretty big RCP track (thanks to imxlr8ed).I already have 2 other members intrested too, so all together it's going to be 4 of us and were going to meet for the first time probably in a month.:D

2008.10.07, 09:05 PM
greek how close are you to madness? i ussed to always race there for carpet.