View Full Version : PN Front Caster Tower Bar Version 2

2008.09.28, 12:02 AM
Version 2 of the PN tower bar just came out. This version is meant to be used with the PN front sway bar. This tower bar is higher than the stock suspension arm by .5mm to compensate for the bar end cups used in the sway bar, which has a .5mm thickness. That way, ride height and suspension travel stays the same. Bar has cut outs and scallops features to reduce weight to a minimum when compared with version 1.

On Friday, I tried the tower bar along with sway bar using the softer of the two sway bar installed. Took a little time to straighten out the sway bar so it lay flat on the table. Due to manufacturing tolerance, the sway bar out of the package is not perfectly flat. After that, the car handled better than it ever had. The car corners flat and sharp like is on rails.




2008.09.28, 02:53 AM
The extra bit of handling is from the stiffer set up now with the added alloy. This allows the rest of the suspension to do its job with out the weaker flexing plastic to muddle it up.:cool: It's like adding a tower bar.