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2008.09.28, 11:23 AM
Hi guys,

i live in stafford and hope to come down for your next meet.

Going to buy a mr02 off ebay.

what else do i need to get so i can be competitive when i get there?
What tyres etc?are there any must hop ups from the standard kit?

Also is there anybody interested taking a newbie under your wing.

Any help/advice would be really welcome.

2008.09.28, 11:28 AM
hi welcome to mzr,i used to race at stafford:)
it depends on the 02(rear mount or mid mount)for tyres.
an 02 needs very little to make it race worthy,id go for



2008.09.28, 11:39 AM
Hey Thomas! Great to see new interest.

For an MR02, the first things I would purchase are:

Tyres, Carbon Fibre H-Plates (the stock ones are weak) and bearings.

2008.09.28, 01:08 PM
hi tom:) everyones pretty much covered the mods, what mr02 are you getting?

2008.09.28, 02:40 PM
This is the set i was looking at,what do you think?


i have around 200 to spend.

Still have no idea what set up to run in terms of MM/RM

Where can i get tyres from?

2008.09.28, 02:46 PM
You will need a body as well as that is just the chassis.Programmers is actually selling one of these chassis,but without tx.Check his FS thread in this section.See you at the races!

Edit:for that money you could probably get a Helios tx too!

2008.09.28, 03:01 PM
Ah never noticed their was one for sale,Tom is yours still for sale?

what would be the advantage in getting a helios tx over the one that comes in the package?

2008.09.28, 03:03 PM
Sorry but when/where is the next stafford meet?

2008.09.28, 03:04 PM
Keep an eye on this section of the forum,i'm sure Octobers meet date will be posted soon.

2008.09.28, 03:06 PM
The helios is MUCH better than the stock kt-18 i think it has a much better feel too.It also has a lot more options of adjustment too.I have a helios and i think it's 100 times better than the kt18

2008.09.28, 04:06 PM
the helios opens up alot of extra tuning options,best thing ive ever bought:)
if you click the link in toms sig it should show you the sruk home page but im not sure if a date/venue has been allocated yet

2008.09.28, 04:22 PM
The smzr site does not seem to work?

the helios does look very good however would be out of my price range new,hopfully tom still has his for sale and would do me a deal on the combo:D

2008.09.29, 03:09 AM
The smzr site does not seem to work?
I run that site. One of my payments hasn't cleared and they've suspended my account. It's unbelievable, but things will be up and running ASAP.

2008.09.30, 01:31 PM
Hey Thomas, welcome my good man!
Yeah as has already been said, most of the main mods have already been mentioned, however no-one has said what tires to get!!
I myself use a brand called GPM, and they range from 8 degree (soft) to 30 degree (hard).
You will need a variety ranging from hard to soft for both front and rear.
You will find lots of people will say to use other brands like Atomic and Yeah Racing, but to be honest those who use them have just the same problems with grip as i do using the GPM, only theirs cost a lot more, GPM will set you back about 1 a pair, but others will be more like 3 - 4 a pair.
If you have the money i would say get one set of each for front and rear, then you are covering all bases and can play around with different setups!
GPM's Degree range are: (soft) 8 deg, 10 deg, 15 deg, 20 deg, 25 deg, 30 deg (hard). (other brands use a slightly different degree system)
So your only talking about 12 for the full set front and rear, then when you find what you like you can get more of that type. You'll also find when you look at GPM tires that they have different numbers that go with the degree, this 'other' number is the tire tread pattern, thats a personal preferance thing really.

Last but not least, if you are getting/got a 2.4gHz system, and are thinking of getting a Helios, you will also need the 2.4 Module that goes with the Helios to make it work with your 2.4gHz car.

Hope this helps, if you need to know anything else just ask mate ;)
We're all very helpful and will help you out at the next meet!