View Full Version : Lithium Pro Kit for monster

2008.09.28, 11:32 AM
has anyone tried this setup on there monster i found it on ebay. item no 370076007246 just wondering as aaa battery`s dont seem to last to long on my monster it has 2x2 (4562) fets and chili motor thanks

2008.09.28, 11:36 AM
looks ok but im not sure if the 4562's will handle 7.2v and that motor together,you may get a bit of twitching from the steering too.
have you checked it out for binding ect?

2008.09.28, 12:10 PM
ive seen a few with lith kits fitted though they never mentioned what fets or motors they used. i will give it a complete stripdown and see if anything is binding thanks