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2008.09.28, 03:17 PM
Hello. Has anybody seen, purchased, played with one of these RC drift cars?
They are 1/26-8 scale and I think these are the bodies I've seen put on Mini-Z AWD chassis at the Mini-Z Bar web site. Example, take a look at this photo curtesy of Mini-ZBar.com
They look interesting, and I wonder how the bodies mount to the chassis, if they are same as Mini-Z mount, or if you need a custom mount.
The chassis is interesting as it is AWD, but unlike the MA010 chassis, these have two motors! One motor for front, and one motor for rear so that each can be driven seperatly. Whatever that means, that's what the description said.
I'm not interested in these for the chassis, I'm interested in the bodies. They look nice, and feature car's we dont' get for the Mini-Z, such as the Nissan 180SX.
Take a look at ebay item number 290263695082 which is the Toyota Levin version and take a look at the promotional video.
These cars are pretty cheap, and the bodies look good.

2008.09.28, 06:59 PM
go to this blog, u'll be amazed by the job they did...http://teamforest.blog74.fc2.com/

2008.10.08, 09:38 PM
Don't keep your hopes too high for this one. The Takara Tomy drift package is meant to be a fun kit for novice or youngsters...and the steering is not fully-proportionate(only left/right/middle three choices for steering), and there are so much slacks all over the chassis. It is kinda difficult to make the drifting precise, but consider its low entry price, it is a fun toy to have.

Some basic spec:

4wd axle-driven
steering: left/right/mid; not proportionate, controlled by a 130 motor
steering 'servo' saver: yes
steering trim onboard chassis
throttle: controlled by another 130 motor
Front one-way, Rear solid-axle
Chassis use 3AAA batt
Drift tires all around
3 pre-selected band

I have written a review in Chinese in my RC blog, but the pictures shown give you some idea:



2008.10.09, 04:42 PM
I was more interested in the bodies than the chassis. I think on Mini-ZBar's web site they use these bodies to put on the MA010.