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2008.09.29, 10:15 AM

For some reason i thought the software was open source?

Is this true?

I would love to work on some featured to the software.

2008.09.29, 10:27 AM
Hello Mr. Crotty :)

Yes, the GiroZ system is a open source, if you are interested in develop over the GiroZ, you can contact http://www.flaco.org/

They will give you the libraries to program in diferent platforms, Linux and Windows.


Alex Rubio
Technical Racing Products
www.trp.cc (http://www.trp.cc)

2008.12.04, 03:59 PM
Hi there,

I would like to review the software as well, but can't seem to get your link working. I went through the technicalrp website as much as I could and I can't seem to find any source files. Downloaded the distributions and can't see anything on there either...

Certainly, I must be looking in the wrong places for the source code. Can someone point me in the right direction? Preferrably in English (no offense meant - I just don't speak Spanish). :)



2008.12.04, 06:54 PM
try this http://www.zround.com/news.php

2008.12.04, 11:01 PM
Thanks mk2kompressor,

I have registered there now and have been checking out the site for about 20 minutes, and while I do use hyperwords, which can do basic translation, it hasn't gotten me far. Alas, no source I can see for ZRound, FLaCo, or anything related. Read some interesting forum posts, but ya... no luck so far.

Any other ideas? :confused:

edit: I've posted for Jesus on the site, and will await word back.

2008.12.05, 08:40 PM
Looks like the software is NOT open source, after all. :rolleyes: Read the reply I received.


Jesús Broceńo wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> ZRound Suite is a software product integrated with GiroZ, LapZ and other lapcounter systems. It is freeware but not open source so I cannot give you the source code.
> FLaCo is a project promoted by SIGiro, the GIroZ company, and I don’t know if it is open source but you can visit www.flaco.org (it may be a discontinued project), please ask to giroz@sigiro.com for details.
> Regards,
> Jesús.
> De: Kevin [mailto:kevin@pridgeon.ca]
> Enviado el: viernes, 05 de diciembre de 2008 5:06
> Para: Jesús
> Asunto: [ZRound - Cronometraje de carreras - Lap Counter] Source Code
> Hi Jesus,
> Could I review the source code for the ZRound, FLaCo and other related Giro-Z software please?
> Thanks,
> Kevin