View Full Version : XM-015MM hybrid (lol)

2008.09.29, 09:26 PM
Well, this is my car. Its not really a mini-z, its not really an xmod, its not really anything, but my Frankenstein. I built it in the effort to make an xmod gen1 "raceable", but I guess I kinda ended up with a MR-015 with hobby grade elecs and an indepedendent front suspension. Believe it or not, it handles very well (even in my novice hands). I designed it for a small carpet track I made in my basement a few months ago.

What I started with:

Here's where she stands right now:


MR-series Rear Pod
MR-series Kyosho Ver.II Ball Diff
MR-series roll shock (Medium)
MR-series SSG T-plate (Medium)
Medium Front Springs
Purple Aluminum front Knuckles
Intellect 750's
Tazer 12t ESC
Futaba 27MHz AM system
Hitec HS-55 servo
TRM Voodoo 33t
Bearings all around
ATOMIC Deep Dish Rims (+3 offset)
Carpet Radials 8

Also, I don't know if this shouldn't be a thread (rather it being a post in the gallery), but its kinda something ingenuic (if that) and I thought maybe you guys would like to see it. I know, its nothing compared to the 'spensive stuff you hardcore racers drive, but it'll handle itself around the track.

I hope to race it in HFAY next year if I get the chance. :p

Feel free to comment, and don't hate too much :)


Red Team
2008.09.30, 04:08 AM
Nice one..I really like it ! The base chassis it's an Gen1 xmod or just the front end ?

2008.09.30, 10:06 AM
Look's like it's just an Xmod with an MR rear end. Certainly unique that's for sure!

flat 4
2008.09.30, 07:49 PM
ah anther carpet-muncher. looks good I like. can you make video of it turning some laps.

2008.11.16, 03:22 PM
cool car! i have been trying to put a evo rearend on mine.

2008.11.16, 03:50 PM
that looks cool how does it run

2008.11.16, 05:30 PM
HA. Thats pretty cool. A video would be ausome! What type of servo saver are you using?


2008.11.16, 09:24 PM
i don't think he's even using a servo-saver.
i think it's the most extremely modified xmod that still looks like an xmod

2008.11.28, 02:28 AM
Very cool looking end-product. Keeps XM and Z G1 feel. My question is, how long do those nimh's last you?

2008.11.28, 08:51 AM
Awesome! I still have lots of Gen1s laying around. Maybe I'll try something like this. Can you post pics of the bottom of the chassis???