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2008.09.29, 10:29 PM
at last, i have a sinister on its way to me.....but i was checking around and found the website has issues. looking for up-to-date info on parts and the new s2....is the website going to be fixed or did the address change?

thanks and keep up the great work.


Red Team
2008.09.30, 02:51 AM
Their site it's down for some time now, if anyone has any info about TGR, please share it with us...thanks !

2008.10.02, 12:55 AM
try emailing them?
might not work though as it is in the same domain name:

Red Team
2008.10.02, 01:43 AM
Tried already, when the site was still up...no answer though !

2008.10.02, 01:52 AM
i havent seen ozan online for at least 2 weeks now...

Red Team
2008.10.02, 04:49 AM
Seems that you spoked with him more often then some of us...can you tell us what was the situation with Hurda Challenge ?

2008.10.02, 11:31 AM
i really dont know as they never released alot of info on it,has anyone checked the team go forum?

Red Team
2008.10.02, 11:50 AM
What's the adress....I can't find it !

2008.10.06, 02:41 PM
tgr website seems to be back up and running.

2008.12.10, 05:04 AM
Right now it seems offline again. Yesterday it didn't work either.

2009.01.05, 02:53 PM
still down.

2009.01.05, 03:20 PM
i have a few spares for the s1 still in stock if anyone gets stuck(they are not listed in my shop)just email for anything you need

2009.01.06, 01:37 PM
would like another one of TGR 702003 Spinner Electronic Speed Controller for the sinister. been using a spy but would like both my cars to be more of the same.

anyone know where to get one of these...TGR 606332 Sinister Friction Dampening System

is it true that i may need a different esc if i install the belt conversion due to motor rotation?

thanks, Jamie

2009.01.06, 03:28 PM
i have both parts in stock,should be added to the shop by friday:)
you dont need a different esc for the BDDS you just swap the motor wires over(in the case of running the atomic m1 endbell the brushes need rotating too)

2009.01.07, 10:49 AM
very nice, thank you. i will check on friday and order up.

2009.01.12, 02:05 PM
dont see the tge spinner esc on your site. double checking to see if im looking in the right spot?