View Full Version : Sunday 12th October Race Meeting

2008.09.30, 02:46 PM

Date and venue booked

Wildwood Community Centre
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

From 1300hrs until 2200hrs

8.00/ racer (including hot dogs &/or burgers)..... newcomers free

Racing F1 & Min z/Iwaver/Xmods

HFAY (F1 & Racer series) in the afternoon, large track in the evening for club championship.

You can still bring your own food & drink. Kitchen facilities available. Georgie Forman will be in attendance as normal. A supermarket is located next door (Sunday opening hours)

p s.....cook required!!!!!!!

2008.09.30, 02:58 PM
ill be there:D

2008.09.30, 03:05 PM
Me too,hopefully with cars that will stay paired too:) and spare batts just in case:o

2008.09.30, 04:10 PM
We're there. Of course! :D

2008.10.01, 12:36 PM
I'll be there too, possibly with birthday cake.

I've ordered some bits from ******* Imports, but I think Cain is away at the mo', so the offers I've had of bits, ie the 93mm spur, I think I'll take up please.

Also, can someone grab me 2 sets of 30 aw front, and 20 aw rear please (let me know how much I'll owe you and I'll have the cash ready).

2008.10.01, 01:37 PM
I'll be there.

2008.10.08, 03:41 PM
I can comfirm the "Sarah" beefburgers have been purchased!!!:D

2008.10.08, 03:44 PM
I can comfirm the "Sarah" beefburgers have been purchased!!!:D

In that case I will stop eating from now! :D

2008.10.08, 03:47 PM
Whos is this meet's 'guest chef'?:)

2008.10.09, 05:57 AM
what about buns though? lol

the buns I got before we're either warburtons big buns, or barm cakes from ASDA.

Also, I bought myself a 12inch pizza oven thing from Maplin last month that I can bring along to do a couple of pizzas if anyone's interested. Not tried it yet so you can all be my guinea pigs!

2008.10.09, 10:50 AM
I like pizza!

2008.10.09, 12:32 PM
i'm Chef this meet ;)

2008.10.09, 07:38 PM
what about buns though? lol

Buns are the big ones (from Asda). Hot dogs willl be available early on and the massive "Sarah burgers" from tea time onwards. Hopefully our chef for the day, Mal, will agree to this...... and of course he will be excused track building whilist he prepares HIS kitchen.

2008.10.10, 04:31 AM
and of course he will be excused track building whilist he prepares HIS kitchen.
Allright for some eh?!

2008.10.10, 08:04 AM
I'll setup as soon as i arrive ;)

EDIT: oh by the way, whilst i remember, does anyone have spare bits for an overlander? the bit under the rear gearbox, where the swing arm fits on to, broke off and i know it can be replaced without replacing the whole gearbox, was just wondering if anyone had a spare one?

2008.10.10, 09:54 AM
the link mounts? i gave an alloy one to jayce a while back, not sure weather he used it though.

2008.10.12, 05:19 PM
great day guys, thanks mal for cooking:) ill use more tyre tape next meet rolleyes:

2008.10.13, 08:07 AM
I was doing a car boot sale sunday morning,which went on longer than expected,by the time i got home it wasn't worth the drive to Stafford for me.

2008.10.13, 08:55 AM
Yesterday was a decent day! Shame there wasn't more practice races though. The food was really nice too, thanks Mal. Also, thanks for the cake too, Sarah! Shame you went to early though! If your car is playing up like that, you should really sit with it between races and try and test it more. :(

Here's the piccies from yesterday:

Some great gormo shots here of me, Liam and Mal:

Thanks dad, haha!

Also, I did manage to get a mid-air shot!

Now onto the championship:

Well done everyone! Some great driving last night. Here's the overall standings before drops:

Liam, Matt and Tony have all moved up one place respectivly.

Myself and Mal have stayed the same, whilst Rich has now been caught by Bri as they're equal with 81 points each! Interesting stuff - especially as next months meet is the last heat of the championship for this year!!

I've also upadted the frequncies list and added RSR to our links page, having removed RCMI who no longer stock Mini Z Stuff.

2008.10.13, 09:21 AM
ace pics tom,the white and red sruk f1 looks mad:eek:
thanks for the link:D

2008.10.15, 07:07 PM
Thanks Matt but I can't take all the credit as a few are my dads!