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2008.09.30, 02:55 PM
anyone else noticed jayces' (kryten's) tag under his name? i wouldnt take the mic anymore or you'll feel a banstick in the shins:eek:

2008.09.30, 04:05 PM
Already saw it. He's not a real mod. :p He's not on the list at the bottom for the forum haha... ;)

I'm afraid it's true Tom-Jayce

2008.10.01, 11:36 AM
I'm getting ready to use Bri's favourite phrase "you're barred!" lol:p

2008.10.01, 01:38 PM
I'd take care if your not a real Mod, they might not take it so light-heartedly!

2008.10.01, 03:18 PM
I really am a mod Mal-no kidding! I thought editing Tom's post would have shown that:D

2008.10.01, 03:23 PM
I didn't know you had edited a post Tom had placed.
How d'you get to be a Mod?

EDIT: just noticed the Edit to the post, did'nt notice it being in his post like that...lol

2008.10.01, 04:18 PM
How d'you get to be a Mod?

That's top secret mate,i could tell you but............:rolleyes:

2008.10.01, 05:21 PM
HMMMMMMMM something fishy going on here:P
secret agent jayce lol

oh ill be about on saturday if you wanna meet up and exchange the top secret goods;)

2008.10.01, 05:36 PM
Lol ok mate will catch you on msn so we can discuss the (obviously top secret) meeting specifics;)

2008.10.01, 05:43 PM
Lol no way man. How come you're not in the lists?

2008.10.01, 05:48 PM
Not sure tbh Tom,i'll most likely appear down there soon.

2008.10.01, 06:13 PM
you are listed as a supermod:)

2008.10.01, 06:28 PM
Damnit! i asked for secrecy! now i have to get the red cape and pants back out:D

EDIT:Amazing how that doesn't seem as funny when i'm sober:o

2008.10.01, 07:28 PM
erm,i dont know him^^^
tell the men with the white coats he is over here sombody