View Full Version : quick, can u make a mr-015MM a mr-015RM?

2008.10.01, 09:07 AM
is it easy and cheap to convert over? i gotta have this street trim porsche


2008.10.01, 09:26 AM
to slow... i bought the mid motor anyways, lol

2008.10.01, 02:21 PM
Hi hipsterdufus,

I asked the support guys at the shop here this very question not long ago, actually. You can do it a couple of different ways - either with the stock replacement RM motor case set for like $6, or with an alloy motor mount replacement. Or even pricier by getting a new chassis set...

Here's the stock replacement part:


2008.10.01, 10:29 PM
thanks PridgeoK!

i got that on my watch list, but may do some sort of fancy PN racing unit

just grabbed a chrysler 300c that was a great deal on fleabay,...u know how it goes :)

2008.10.06, 11:47 AM
Hipster, you can watch my 934 set up thread as I'm also useing that same street-trim Porsche, the red one.
I just purchased the MR15 2.4 chassis set, and a set of Team Atlis gold alloy's/Atomic tires. I'll be slowly upgrading it with Reflex Racing's stage kit's.
However, that chrysler is a totally different car than the 934 and I don't know how it'll handle. Nor do I think it's as nice of a machine as the classic Porsche.

2008.10.25, 06:23 AM

just wondering how much you paid for your 300c, as you could have bought one from the shop for only $70 + shipping
also you can get a mini z monster readyset for $70 too!


2008.10.25, 12:44 PM
I dont remember, which fets come on the 300c?