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2008.10.03, 03:06 PM
I know it is early to talk about a Thanksgiving day race, but I just wanted to see if there was any interest. This race will be on Thanksgiving day. We will be starting early so that everyone can be home for dinner. The plan is a four hour one man enduro race. Doors will open at 9 am and racing will start at 10 am. Racing will be done at 2 pm and everyone will have enough time to get home for dinner. This is meant to be a fun race. Strategy is up to you. Take any number of breaks you want. Everyone will be limited to one chassis for the entire race.

Please post here if you are interested

2008.10.05, 06:31 AM
are you allowed to have a pit crew? Or pit your own cars?

2008.10.05, 02:45 PM
are you allowed to have a pit crew? Or pit your own cars?

No pit crew, pit your own car.

2008.10.05, 08:09 PM
I dont want to speak for Binh but in the past

Any Motor
Any Body except Pan
Any Batteries except Lipo

nobody can touch your car but you.
Nobody can charge your batteries for you but you

that's pretty much it..

Endurance racing ROX !!!

2008.10.06, 01:33 PM
That would make sense... too bad no pan bodies (oh well)
Have to go get a 98mm body at ILR :p

Paul is correct. Thanks for posting. When are you coming down? This Friday we will have racing and a novice class. You should try to make it.

2008.11.15, 02:18 PM
Just a reminder today is the last day of Iron Man Race sign ups. We will need at least 8 people to run this event. This is a 4 hour, one man team on Thanksgiving day. You can either pay over the phone or at the track. Racing fee is $20.

See you at the track.

2008.11.27, 11:48 AM
Happy Turkey Day everyone. We are just about to get started here. Check us out of you get bored of football.

2008.11.29, 02:50 PM
Some Pics.





2008.11.29, 02:51 PM
More pics.....



2008.11.29, 02:52 PM
The winners:

1st: Mike 1300 laps
2nd: Fernando 1228 laps
3rd: Stephen 1226 laps


2008.11.30, 02:30 AM
Congrats guys! Mike good job! ! ! 1300 laps?! Crazy!