View Full Version : experiment on never hooking a rail again!

2008.10.04, 06:14 PM

If your like me (low average F1 driver) you don't normally get enough practice time with your F1 because you hate having to stop and walk around to where you hooked/jammed the front of your F1 under a rail.

Well, I was clearing out some of my shizen today and came across a couple of CP car conversions that had sat unused from a purchase an eon ago. Long story short, my bran got hit my a lightning bolt of an idea and here's how it goes...

1. Cut the front end of the CP conversion right by the mount holes that fit between the knuckle/suspension uprights.
2. Use two 2mm screws and four 2mm nuts...
3a.use two nuts to mount the screws to the CP part and act as spacers between it and the chassis.
3b. use two nuts to secure the CP part to the chassis.
4.mark and drill a hole off the front of the nose through the CP part and then add another screw/nut to the exposed front nose cone.

I haven't tested it yet but it seems like a good idea to me....the bumper/graphite peice is actually higher than the stock wing so it'll hit about 5mm up the rail as opposed to sticking right under.


Thanks for looking.;)

2008.10.04, 07:02 PM
exellent idea:)
you could cover the foam with tape so it skims off the rails too

2008.10.04, 10:25 PM
That foam bumper will catch on a foam rail. You can put some type of smooth plastic stuff in front of the bumper to make it slip just incase you do hit the wall (rcp). Either way it's a great idea. Thanks for sharing!