View Full Version : cleaning servo gears

2008.10.05, 10:11 AM
my servo gears have gotten a lot of crap on them lately [i can see black stuff all over the teeth] i tried scraping it off with an exacto, but the crap wont come off. what other ways can i clean my servo gears? my dad says to soak the delrin ones in hot soapy water. Will that work? what about the stock white gears?



2008.10.05, 11:22 AM
PN Bearing Cleaner jar, and greese remover...

2008.10.05, 11:27 AM
could you give some examples of grease cleaner?
and what do i do then? [procedure]


2008.10.05, 01:06 PM
Bearing cleaner, electrical cleaner... put it in the jar, put the gears in the jar, shake... remove and put them back in the car.

2008.10.05, 02:21 PM
well, i tried it with degreaser. [orange smelling stuff] The degreaser got rid of some of the debris, but only a little. it seems that the degreaser only softened the debris up, but at least that allowed me to remove it with a toothbrush.

thanks dracinous [sp?]