View Full Version : Foams on RCP track "grip side"

2008.10.05, 08:31 PM
Hey, does anybody know how well foam tires work on RCP track? I'm asking cause Fovea has made some really nice foam tires for the 1/43 Dnano and I'd like to get a set of foamies from him. They were made to fit the custom aluminum wheels from AVM.
I'm wondering since I have a Mini96 at home, if the foams will grip well on this type of surface?

2008.10.05, 11:48 PM
foams in certain circumstances perform better than rubber but the durometer is very important... the wrong density is like having the wrong softness/hardness of rubber tires.

Try them and see...being 1/43 they can't be very expensive.;)

2008.10.06, 11:36 AM
No, the parts aren't expensive, only the car! What is durometer? You mean diameter or do you mean compound?

2008.10.06, 11:47 AM
In 1/10th and 1/8th foams the foam tire rating is in "shore" or durometer....it's essentially like the number value they have for Z tires. The lower the value the softer the tire.;)

2008.10.06, 07:14 PM
i put xmod foams on my mr-02, and those have loads of grip. But usually i will find that my reflex's are better, because my foams tend to lose grip when i accelerate or brake too quickly.